Friday, October 25, 2013

Lancome Advanced Genifique

My name is Mags and I am somewhat of a peter pan type character, I am immature ill admit it and I think that that laughing keeps you young.  In saying that I am merging into the Maggie May from the Rod Stewart song - yeah unfortunately "the morning sun when its in my face really shows my age" definitely around my eyes which is a bummer cause nobody wants a wrinkly Peter Pan.  

This wilting fairy thought that Advanced Genifique* sounded like the kinda fairy dust that will sort out some fine lines and return a youthful glow to my face.  

So I can talk about the science (Advanced Genifique has 40% more active ingredients than original Genifique - it works by copying your skins genes and how they replicate and rejuvenate.  There are also  ingredients like Adenosine which improves the structure of the skin, Yeast Extract and Vitamin CG but I am going to start veering towards Leaving Cert Biology if I keep talking about it). 

Right I am not going to blind you with science because quite frankly I will just end up confused but what I do want to talk to you about is how Advanced Genifique actually works.  You dispense the product from a fancy little dropper.  I put the milky serum on the back of my hand and would apply it in upwards motions over my face.  Because we actually had a summer this year I noticed that my hand had picked up some colour, it was brown and dried out and basically looked a little old.  After I applied the serum to my face I would rub the back of my hands against each other so as not to waste any of the precious product.  After about 2 weeks I noticed that my hand returned to normal and looked healthy and young again - it suprised me how soft and healthy my hands looked (I had not used any other product on my hands).  So it might sound a little weird but I noticed the effects of the serum on my hands before I noticed on my face.  

On my face I noticed that the laughter lines which spread from my eyes to the top of my cheeks had minimised (I still have lines at my eyes but I guess Lancome need and Advanced Genifique eye cream for me).  I have been using Advanced Genifique all summer and its probably one of the only skincare products I have used constantly.  While its not going to give you a face lift in a bottle Advanced Genifique is a little bottle of magical potion.  I am feeling a little more like my normal Peter Pan self.
Most of the time I felt that the serum on its own was enough moisturiser for my combination skin especially during the summer months when my skin was acting up, for a bit of added sun protection during the summer months I was also using Lancome's UV Expert GN Sheild which has SPF 50.

Advanced Genifique is available now and costs €73.00 which is a massive investment so I would pick it up when there is a gift with purchase or some other special offer on - everybody loves a gift with purchase.

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