Friday, January 31, 2014

Cloud 10 Beauty and the Balm - Really testing my spending ban

So I have been a good girl with regard to this spending ban - just looking at blogs and new collections but not really feeling a bad urge to spend.  I was quite proud of myself.  That was until I got an email from Cloud 10 Beauty.

Cloud 10 Beauty are my favourite online beauty shop, not only do they offer brands that I wouldn't easily get my hands on, they also have very quick shipping, they give free samples which are just delightful (especially delightful cause this spending ban makes samples look like Christmas day).  So not only do they have all these wonderful things to offer they are also now stocking The Balm cosmetics.  As I said last week I REALLY REALLY want (I'll tell you what I want, what I really really want) Mary Lou Manizer and I have for quite a while (it's supposed to be a knock your socks off kind of highlighter) so now it's so close to me with Cloud 10 it's extra tempting.   Cloud 10 Beauty also have the new rose gold toned highlighter in stock Cindy- Lou Manizer

Is it wrong that I would also quite like to look like Mary Lou or Cindy Lou? 

OK but hold it right there just a darn tootin second - for a limited time with the purchase of 2 The Balm products you get a free trial kit of  3 The Balm minis.  This is while stocks last - please last until shopping ban is over, pretty please-.
 I have also heard great things about the blush Frat Boy and also the Meet Matt Nude Palette - so basically when this spending ban is over I will be all over The Balm
So Cloud 10 are spoiling us with The Balm but they also have the new Sleek collection and will soon have the new Tanya Burr (of YouTube fame) Lip glosses and Nail Varnishes.   Ahh Cloud 10 you're really testing me with your wonderful products. Pin It


  1. I cant wait to get my hands on some Tanya Burr products! I don't have any of The Balm products, they look great though, would love to try some! xxx

  2. The Frat Boy Blush looks so pretty... But I really do not need another blush! Maybe in 10 years time when I finally finish one blush I might purchase! :D xx

  3. I reaaallyy want to but some of the balm stuff but I'm trying to be good!

  4. There are so many products I want to try from the balm, Mary Lou Manizer is top of my list


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