Friday, January 17, 2014

Get a Free Sneek Peek of The Body Book by Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz looks like she would be a brilliant friend, she just seems like she would be a great laugh.  I love that she is a complete tomboy, mad about extreme sports and exercise but also has a killer shoe collection and is a major fan of Stila (she loves the lip glazes and convertible colours - but they are amazing, who wouldn't be a Stila fan).  Add to this she was recently on Dr. Oz talking about poop which pretty much makes her golden in my book. 

As we all know she is a health and fitness nut (she broke her nose surfing) and she has recently brought out a book called The Body Book.  Myself and Sile were just taking about this the other day saying it's the kinda of book we would be into reading and lucky for us this weekend's The Irish Daily Mail are giving us a sneak peek.  

This weekend the Irish Daily Mail have a free 16 page extract from the book.  This is a great idea as I will get to see if I want to buy the book because I get the impression its something I would dip in and out of over time.  

I will definitely be picking this up, I can't wait to read health tips from Cameron.

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