Friday, January 24, 2014

My Spending Ban Wish List - Collaboration with Lovely Girlie Bits

Remember before Christmas I went a bit mad buying makeup ? Well I am kinda paying for that now (when I say kinda, I mean the bill literally arrived in the post).  Hoarder shame and circumstance means I have to take a break from spending.  Along with my "makeup hoarder in crime" Karen from Lovely Girlie Bits we decided we needed to take a break from spending until March.  If you are feeling the post Christmas fear you are more than welcome to join us as we try and become responsible members of the community (and not hide at the mere mention of the bank).

Of course just because we are not spending money doesn't mean that new products don't catch our eye.  Myself and Karen decided that instead of going on (and on... and on some more) about products to each other we would both do wishlist posts and then in March see what still tickles our fancy.  I am the kinda gal who loves spring and summer, so as you can imagine spring and summer make up collections tend to make my heart flutter a wee bit more.  Below are some items that I have been drooling over.

1. First up is Charlotte Tilbury Bar of Gold - I am a little obsessed with highlighters at the moment and think that this looks beautiful.  I am very keen (I am trying to make myself sound calm and collected rather than somebody who looses their mind over makeup) to try out some of Charlotte Tilbury's products.

2.  You didn't think I would be going anywhere without mentioning Stila's spring offering.  First up  are the smudge sticks which are being released in a mind blowing 22 shades (we may not get all 22 shades over this side of the Atlantic), so many amazing shades to choose from.  I am a huge fan of Stila smudge sticks, they are my Holy Grail eye liner, they are just so easy to use with great results so I will definitely be picking up one or two of these limited shades.

3. Smashbox Always Sharp 3d Liners   I had a little play with these in Boots recently and they look amazing.  These wind up pencils have a shapener in the lid so when you put the lid back on, BAM perfectly shaped eyeliner.  Simple and clever - just the way I like it.

4.  Nars NARSissist Eye Palette  (check out Temptalia's post about it).  I have a bit of a Love/Hate relationship with Nars, I really LOVE some of their products and some are a huge disappointment to me.  I don't know if this appeals to me because one of my first Nars purchases was a face and eye palette of a similar design in Saks Fifth Avenue on my very first trip to New York (many MANY years ago) or I am just greedy and love the idea of lots of shades altogether.  I did see a review on You Tube that said the quality of the shadows was not as good as the NARS singles or doubles so I might need to see it in the flesh. 

5.  Smashbox Full Exposure Palette I think that this is shaping up to be the palette of the year, it's just so beautiful and the idea of it has been making me drool. 7 Shimmery Shades and 7 matt shades of makeup perfection.  Smashbox eye shadows are my Holy Grail shadow so this is a bit of a no brainer.  If you want to look at the palette in greater detail head over and look at Karen's post (here) .  You kinda want it now too don't you.

6. Stila again :) not only have Stila added some shades to the (spendy but fabulous) Magnificent Metal Eye Foils but they have also created Magnificent Metals Eye Liners.  This makes me very happy.  They are pretty and fabulous, so what a pretty darn fabulous Spring launch.

7.Charlotte Tilbury Eyeshadow Palette in The Dolce Vita - Just watch this video by Charlotte on You Tube and tell me you don't want this sleek palette.   I think this is different than any other palette I own but I am also aware I have 3 eye shadow palettes in this wish list.  

8. NYC Twistable Intense Lip Color - I Love NYC for affordable lip products and these little beauties should be hitting our shelves in April (plenty of time for my shopping ban to be over) they are so affordable that I could pretty much pick up every one in the collection for the same price as a high end lipstick.  Check out this pic (here) from Noveaucheap to get an idea of shades  I am already a fan of the Ultra Last Lipsticks so I cant wait for these lip crayons to arrive.  I love how easy lip crayons are to use, they are a liner and a lippy in one.  I am even going to pick up some of the nude colours, sure why not.

9. Did  you know The Balm has come to my favourite online beauty shop Cloud 10 Beauty ?  I have been longing for Mary Lou Manizer (here) for such a long time (and I hear that Cloud 10 Beauty will be getting Cindy Lou,  a rose gold version in stock soon).  This beautiful champagne highlighter is supposed to be the bomb (excuse the pun) and now that it will be easily available to us Irish gals and Cloud 10 have very quick delivery so it's practically the instant gratification that you get from going into the shop.  (Can you tell I like highlighters yet?).

10.  Of course I have to save a chunk of funds for the launch of Tarte Cosmetics by QVCUK.COM I love Tarte Cosmetics and cant wait to dip my toe into QVC (which also happens to stock Stila) by picking up some of Tarte's special value sets.  Tarte will launch fully in March but so far QVC have a lip gloss set that you can get your hands on until the launch (here).

So if you have any of these products I would love to hear your advice on what I should buy and what I should leave behind.

If you want to head over to Lovely Girlie Bits and see what Karen has put on her wish list for March click here.
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  1. Hahaha I love that we both have Tarte & Charlotte Tilbury! I also had a similar experience with a Nars eyeshadow palette and have been put off them since then :)

    Great wish list lady!

  2. Oh I'm a little disappointed with the Nars palette. I may have to rethink, but my god that Tarte palette. Need it


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