Monday, February 3, 2014

Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream & CC Eye Cream - move aside Marc Jacobs foundation, Bourjois is Kicking your ass

I think it's fair to say that Bourjois create the best "drugstore" or chemist foundations, if you're looking for an affordable foundation  you can head to Bourjois and they will sort you out fairly quickly.  Their newest base product is their new 123 Perfect CC Cream*.  I am just going to come right out and say it - I really hate the whole BB cream thing, I haven't really found one that I like and I think it's kinda a beauty fad so it's safe to say I rolled my eyes a little when CC Creams started to pop up their little heads.  

I was very skeptical when I first eyed Bourjois 123 Perfect - with regard to the CC cream part in the name - although Bourjois don't really go wrong when it comes to foundations or bases. The cream, which is really a light foundation, has three different colour pigments in it to correct skin discoloration. 

Apricot - for Anti Fatigue
Green - Anti Redness
White - Anti Dark Spots

Ok so first thing my mind immediately thinks "there is green in there I am going to look like an alien" but the refreshing thing about 123 Perfect is it's actually skin colour - no grey or green tinge.  It's a light foundation (yeah I am ignoring CC Cream and just calling it what it is - a foundation) which gives beautiful coverage.  I have applied it using my fingers, a brush and a sponge and it works well with all three.  It's quite a liquid foundation and a small amount blends easily over the face.  

I have been absolutely loving 123 Perfect and reaching for it every day - considering I reach past my Marc Jacobs Genius Gel Foundation to get to it.  Yep that's right I prefer 123 Perfect to Marc Jacobs foundation which is possibly the standout product from the Marc Jacobs beauty range.  I love that it has light coverage, feels great on your skin, covers all the skins nasties but your skin still looks like skin.  I find that it lasts well through the day (definitely lasts longer than Marc Jacobs Genius Gel) keeping redness at bay, my spotty chin does begin to show through in the late afternoon.  123 Perfect also has an SPF15, what I am worrying about SPF for when we are in constant darkness you ask?  Well I am trying to get rid of those dark spots caused by the sun and you need to use an SPF with treatments.  

The downside to 123 Perfect is it only comes in 3 colours - below I have the lightest shade No 31 Ivory and No 31 Beige Clair to show you.  I have been using 32 Beige Clair which is a smidge too dark but matches my skin well - so it might be difficult for you to get a shade to suit you. 

no 32 Beige Clair and  No 31. Ivory

This is more of a before and during picture, as you can see on the left I have red blotchy skin with dark circles and dark spots (a bit of a mess really) on the right you can see me half way through the blending process.  With a quick smooth around my skin tone has become even but it still looks very much like skin. You can see from the un-blended parts that its possible to build this foundation, but a light layer really corrects the skin's tone.  123 Perfect costs €13.99 and has been available since 23rd January.  

To go along with 123 Perfect Foundation (there I said it again FOUNDATION) there is a CC Eye Cream. CC Eye Cream has a silicon applicator which smooths out the under eye area and tames those bold eye bags first thing in the morning.  (Interestingly the Marc Jacobs concealer uses a similar delivery system except the applicator is metal).  You only need a tiny amount of this liquid concealer to cover both eyes.  It's quick and easy to use.  The applicator is supposed to smooth wrinkles and puffiness and I think it does work - they are not magically gone but I definitively look less scary after application.  The CC Eye Cream costs €10.49.

While I sometimes forget about the eye cream and use a different concealer the 123 Perfect has been on my face every day. The simple proof of how much I like 123 Perfect is I reach for it over Marc Jacobs Genius Gel  (which was quite a spendy foundation).  I love the natural look it gives to the skin while covering up life's booboos.
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  1. I do love Bourjois, this looks like another triumph for them!


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