Friday, February 7, 2014

Clarins Opalesence Spring 2014 Collection

It's spring, or so say Clarins with their bright and fresh Opalesence Spring 2014 Collection*.  I don't know about you but I am very ready for spring and brighter makeup. Let's look at what Clarins has on offer.  

First up Clarins have one of their powder blush (€37). I don't have a picture of this to show you but if you're looking for a very pretty finishing powder this bad boy will tickle your fancy - although if you already have a powder blush/finishing powder from another collection you could give this a miss. 

Next up we have the very pretty mineral eye shadow quad (€41) - Clarins mineral eye shadows can be used wet or dry which means you can get two different intensities from each shade.

The top row has a light lavender shade, beside that a glittery frosted opal white. The bottom row has a beautiful multi dimensional purple and a taupe/gray shade.

The lavender shade is quite light and perfect for a wash of colour, in fact this whole palette creates almost a watercolor effect on the eye lids.  The glittery frosted white is quite chunky so beware of fallout, I tend to use this shade sparingly to brighten up the inner eye.  I suppose you could say it's like a crushed opal.  You will get fallout with this shade so be gentle.  It is more of a "fun" type of shadow but to be honest it's my least favourite from the quad and I am not a fan of the formula.  

The bottom row for me has the best shades - the beautiful multi dimensional purple and a very pretty taupe shade.  You can use these shades for colour on the eyes although they can be blended out for a more neutral look.  My favourite shade is definitely the purple.

The palette can create very pretty looks for everyday and as I said a more "watercolor" type effect.  If you're into bold eye colours this is not the quad for you.

If I had to choose between the eye shadow quad and this new addition to Clarins Mineral Eye Shadow range I would save my money and head straight for Smokey Plum (€19).  As I previously mentioned Clarins mineral eye shadows can be used wet or dry (so you could use the shade dry as a shadow and wet as a liner creating two shades on the eye from the one shadow). Smokey Plum is a stunner. When I first clapped eyes on it myself and Artdonatella simultaneously let out quite a loud OOOOOOO and then an AHHHHH.  Then we swatched it and just looked at each other with pure makeup lovers knowledge that this is a very special eye shadow. 

Smokey Plum is a Purple/Taupe/Grey/Brown colour of perfection, it looks stunning, it blends beautifully. What I love about this shadow is (a) it's beautiful but more importantly (b) when you wear it your eyes look better - it'snot a case of your eye make up looks nice, your eye balls look nicer.  It's a simple uncomplicated shade to wear and I have fallen more than a little in love with it.

Simples and pretty- sure what more do you want?

Instant Light Radiance Boosting Complexion Bases (€30) smoothes and evens the skins tone - it comes in 3 shades and I have 03 Peach.  I haven't really played around with this a lot, honestly it's because my skin is in bits since Christmas.  I think that Peach would be a better shade if you had a slight tan, whereas the other shades 01 Rose and 02 Champagne might be better for most Irish skin tones. 

I love Clarins lipsticks, they feel flipping AMAZING on the lips, they smell FANTASTIC. Unfortunately they have never really had shades that I was interested in UNTIL NOW.  Clarins Joli Rouge Brilliant Sheer Shine Lipstick (€21) come in three new shades for spring Tropical Pink, Coral Tulip, Pink Orchid.  We have Coral Tulip and Pink Orchid below.  I have been loving Coral Tulip and although I normally go for a bright and bold lipstick these lipsticks cover your lips with a gentle colour and shine, instead of "your lips but better" they give a "your lips but prettier" effect.  They are a pleasure to wear on your lips and make the lips feel hydrated (and I have mentioned they smell fantastic, like fantastic sweets). 

Coral Tulip and Pink Orchid

Of course if you prefer a lip gloss Clarins have you covered with their Gloss Prodige Intense Shine (€21) the two shades for spring are a clear gloss and Coral Tulip to match the lipstick. 

Top is Coral Tulip, middle is Coral Tulip Gloss and bottom is the Lipstick with the gloss on top. 

Next up is one of my favourite products from the collection the Multi Blush Cream (€22) there are four shades 01 Peach, 02 Candy, 03 Grenadine and 04 Rosewood.  We have 02 Candy and 04 Rosewood to show you. 

Candy is a bright happy pink but lets talk about Rosewood for a second.  A long time ago I was chatting to the stunning Artdonatella now she has amazing cheekbones anyway but she was wearing a blush that was like something I had never seen before - she informed me it was a cream blush from Clarins that was discontinued.  DAMN.  Not that I could ever have cheekbones like the lovely Artdonatella but that blush would help (isn't that how we all think).  Fast forward to now and Artdonatella informs me that Rosewood is pretty much the same as her famous cheek bone enhancing blush.  For my cheeks I normally go for a hot pink like Candy - or during the summer a peach, or coral I never think to go for a dusky rose almost wine colour.

I have been loving Rosewood. It's the perfect shade and while my cheekbones haven't gotten any sharper, it's such a pretty look.  You can use these cream blushes on their own and they are long lasting (especially for a cream product) and easy to use.  You can also layer powder blush for a intense look.   Rosewood adds soft warmth to your face, the formula means it doesn't look too dry or too dewy.

So my top pick from Clarins Opalesence Collection? Definitely pick up the Mineral Eye Shadow in Smokey Plum.

Clarins Opalesence Collection hit shelves on the 20th of January. 

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  1. I love their eyeshadows. This definitely looks like something I'll have to look in to ;)

  2. You have me hooked on Rosewood - looks fab on you!

  3. Have some of their lip glosses and they are amazing, love the look of the blushers too. Blushers are my latest obsession :).


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