Monday, March 3, 2014

Kerastase Elixir Ultime Creme

I have to hold my hands up and say I have quite good hair, that's not to say I always have good hair days or it behaves itself, more like I have strong hair that is fairly healthy no matter what I put it through.  Most of the time I don't style my hair I am not addicted to my straightening or hair curler so my hair manages to stay pretty healthy most of the time.  For Christmas I got the curl secret and I have been curling my hair quite a bit (mostly cause its easy to do while watching the TV) while it is for the most part easy to use my hair has gotten caught every time I used it (which results in a frizzy sections - frizz beyond frizz).  So since Christmas my hair has needed a little more TLC or KEUC (Kerastase Elixir Ultime Creme*).  

Although people rave about Kerastase products this is the first product that I have tried,  my hair philosophy (if somebody can have a hair philosophy) would be to use an affordable shampoo (mix and match every other wash) and invest in a good treatment conditioner or product to leave in the hair before you blow dry (a nice hair oil perhaps).  

Lately I had been looking like I had ombre hair - not on purpose - and was dry and frizzy, so the first time I used Elixir Ultime I got a bit of a shock MY HAIR LOOKED AND FELT FANTASTIC.  This baby might cost €34.50 but man its amazing.  When I went into work my colleagues thought I had gotten my highlights done, it left my hair brighter and shiny literally like I had just stepped out of a salon.  My hair was so soft that one of my colleagues spent the day petting my hair like I was a giant golden retriever. 

The cream - which has a wonderful texture which just absorbs into the hair without leaving the hair greasy or heavy contains white flower oil from Tahiti and Pomegranate.  My hair is in love.  You can use Ultime Crème as a pre - cleanse product to repair the hair, as a leave in conditioner and of course how I like to use it before I blow dry my hair. 

Elixir Ultime might be a spendy product but it is fantastic, in fact it works so well that I wouldn't recommend you use it every time you wash (your hair might get too soft - what a complaint), every other time you wash your hair if its badly damaged and once a week if your hair is in good condition.  Once I started to use Elixir Ultime my hair condition improved almost immediately and while its not a magic cure for split ends (the only cure for that is the scissors) my hair has been soft and conditioned.  I am very impressed, move over Orofluido and Moroccan oil this is my new Holy Grail hair product.
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  1. Well now I want to try this as your hair is alllllways amazing and if something makes it even nicer than that, I want in


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