Monday, March 31, 2014

Shiseido Lips Perfect Rouge RD553 Showgirl and RS452 Tulip

Last year I fell a little in love with Shiseido Perfect Rouge lipsticks (€27.00). When I first swatched them on my hand I was amazed at how soft and buttery they were while still having amazing pigment.  Who does not want wow pigmentation while your lips feel balmy soft ?  They are definitely a luxury purchase with a high price tag but you can feel the quality of the lipstick on your lips.  

The packaging is a sleek black container which instead of being round is actually shaped like a lotus blossom (Shiseido's logo).  Although Shiseido name the colour of their lipsticks the bottom just shows the numbers (RE553 Showgirl - RED and RS452 Tulip - PINK).

You can see from the swatches on my hand how creamy and moisturising the Perfect Rouge lipsticks are.   They really feel fantastic on the lips but also look fantastic.  Although the formula is ultra moisturising I don't find Perfect Rouge bleeds out of my lips - like the perfect lipstick it claims to be it doesn't go wandering off.

I could look at these colours all day, I think they are stunning - although of course Shiseido also have more natural colours in their Perfect Rouge range.  They really are the perfect lipstick (especially Tulip, isn't it the perfect "Mags" colour).

Shiseido is a brand that I have overlooked for years, but every Shiseido product I try blows me away. Pin It


  1. My lips get so dry. I think they need these. What do you reckon? *runs to Shiseido counter leaving a Kat shaped dust cloud*

  2. I love their lipstick. they're like a balm and lipstick in one. Those colours look so rich and vibrant.


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