Monday, March 24, 2014

Tanya Burr Lip Gloss

It is a bit of a no brainer for You Tube sensation Tanya Burr to release a makeup line, she is incredibly pretty, talented and insanely popular.  Instead of releasing a whole makeup line, Tanya has concentrated on 2 products - lip glosses and nail polishes - and created a capsule range.  

Glosses have been on the rise again (perhaps marking the end of the recession- the lipstick index is an "actual" thing you know) and Tanya's range which has been created with the brand Eye Candy (no I haven't heard of it either) is very affordable with lip glosses costing €8.50 and nail varnish €7.50. 

I picked up 2 glosses during a recent spending ban (I know I am a joke) using the excuse that it was "for the blog" (any excuse would do). I picked up the very "me" shade Exotic Island and the very "not me" shade Afternoon Tea (see, for the blog).

Afternoon Tea is a nude lip lovers dream - the shade is a opaque milky nude.  The gloss itself is comfortable on the lips with a delicate scent like sweets (which reminds me a little of sweets that I used to get in Spain as a child).  The gloss is not really sticky which makes it easier to wear.  While nude lips are not my cup of tea (pardon the pun) this is a very pretty shade. 

If you are looking at the shade selection you could probably guess that I would go for Exotic Island which is a super glossy gloss with an almost jelly like finish, a look which I love. 

Tanya Burr glosses are great glosses, especially for the price and well worth checking out - while I am not crazy about Afternoon Tea (the shade is not my style) Exotic Island is a beautiful jelly gloss.

Tanya Burr Lip Gloss and Nail Polish are available from Cloud 10 Beauty now, don't forget to like them on Facebook (here) for special promotions and information on new products.  As you know I am a huge fan of Cloud 10 not only for their great range of products (I always have a wish list) but also because of their super fast shipping.
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  1. I got a Tanya Lip Gloss (Chic) a few weeks ago and I love it, I want another one! These colours are fab! xxx


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