Friday, May 30, 2014

BREAKING NEWS - Stila's Sarah Lucero is coming to Dublin

There are really only 2 things you need to know about me (Im not very interesting)...

First:  I love a bright lip, no matter the tone I love me some colour.

Second:  (and most important of all) I am a massive Stila fan - huge, the biggest, yes even in a Kathy Bates kinda way.  

So can you imagine my excitement to learn that Stila Global Pro Makeup Artist Sarah Lucero will be hosting a Master Class on Thursday 3rd June at 5pm in the Itsa Cafe Harvey Nichols.  If you don't know who Sarah Lucero is well she basically IS Stila, she is behind all the looks from New York, Paris and Los Angeles fashion week.  (She has worked a lot on the Rebecca Minkoff shows which funnily enough are my favorite bags so I have a lot of Stila in my Minkoff).  

I love to follow Sarah on Twitter (@sarahluceroglamand also on Instragram ( where you get to see behind the scenes of huge fashion shows and also get a little sneak peak of the new products that Sarah is working on with Stila.  Im sure that if a product doesnt pass Sarah's inspection it does not get produced.  Remember all those vibrant eye liners that Stila brought out for Spring?  If you look at Sarah's Instragram from Fashion week you can see the ideas came from there. 

In addition to the fashion shows Sarah has a huge celebrity following including Katherine Heigl, Paris Hilton, Alicia Silverstone, Kerry Washington, Kim Kardashian, Petra Nemcova, Rosario Dawson, Olivia Wilde and of course probably her most well know client and friend Victoria Beckham (FYI she has also had her hands on David... in a completely professional sense you understand, he likes the Stila One Step Bronze on photoshoots).  

Sarah and Stila are well know for their glowing healthy looking makeup, this is one of the reasons I love Stila, they enhance you but you still look like yourself.   I always find when a counter has a visiting makeup artist there is such a sense of excitement on the counter, the makeup artist on counter learn new tips and about products and are reintroduced to products they don't necessarily reach for.  For a counter to have such a well known and integral part of their brand visiting is really special.

We are amazingly lucky to have Sarah Lucaro hitting little old Dublin. On Tuesday 3rd June at 5pm for €25.00 (fully redeemable on products - I would go for a convertible colour if you haven't used Stila before its my favourite product) you can enjoy a masterclass with one of Makeup and Fashions greats.   As you can imagine I am flipping out with excitement... I will tell myself to "Be Cool" but I am absolutely making no promises.  It has been a bit of a dream to meet Sarah and get her tips, see what she uses and what her favourite products are.    

Its also my birthday next I am not saying that Stila have done this especially for me (maybe one of the crazy demented Kathy Bates voices in my head is but I shall try and keep her under wraps) but it really is the icing on the cake.  

Booking is essential so call the Stila counter in Harvey Nichols  ASAP on : 01 2910450
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Monday, May 19, 2014

Clinique All About Shadow 8 Pan Palette

This is going to sound a bit bonkers but I don't really think about Clinique when I am looking for Makeup - I think Clinique ... I think white coats, I think 3 step programme, I think clarifying lotion.  I don't think colour makeup.  Of course Clinique surprised us all this Spring with their Cheek Pops so during a recent visit to my favourite Clinique Counter at Clearys Dublin (just the best staff in the world) they were having a gift with purchase, it has been ages since I bought a gift with purchase so I decided to treat myself.  

I had my eye on the eye shadow duo Strawberry Fudge after seeing it on the lovely Andreea (yourbeauty) but I spied with my little eye a limited edition 8 pan palette which looked very pretty. 

The sleek metal palette - a magnet for fingerprints - cost €39.00 - Clinique eye shadow duos cost €26.00 so this is a good deal.  The palette is slim, sleek and sturdy.  Perfect for travel.
Hello palette :0

The shades are listed on the back of the palette, the colours are a great range from very light to dark with perfect taupe in between.

The lightest shade in the palette is the least impressive, its a shade that I will not really use and I found it a little chalky when swatching.  The rest of the shadows are very buttery,  smooth  and pigmented (who knew Clinique's eye shadows were lovely and buttery?).
The darkest 4 shades are by far my favourite I use the lighter shades all over the lid and then the darkest shades as a liner or in the corner.
This is a great little palette and its perfect for travel or for those who bring their eye shadows around in their makeup bag.  Ill be paying a little more attention to Clinique's makeup from now on.  Anybody have any recommendations?

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Friday, May 16, 2014

La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo + (it's Holy Grail)

La Roche Posay is one of those brands that for years I ignored but they have created 2 products that I not only will never be without but 2 products I CAN'T be without.  Hiding in its simple packaging are some seriously impressive products.  Effclar Duo+* is simply a MUST HAVE for everybody (literally I have used it on spots on my body).  That is a bold statement but it's a seriously impressive product.  

When I was a teenager I didn't really get spots - I was one of the lucky few that didn't suffer, I didn't ever have to think or worry about them.  The odd yellow head would crop up and I would have great enjoyment popping those bad boys (I know you're not supposed to but who can resist? ).   Of course I am a woman and mother nature likes to throw up some spots every month but for the most part I would just get 1 which would be gone in a day or two.  As we get a little older our skin changes and at about the age 28 - boom my skin was a different creature.  I didn't get more spots BUT my skin's renewal rate slowed dramatically so while I would get that one spot it would not develop into a yellow head I could pop (the fun bit of spots) it was a larger red spot and it would take weeks for it to fade.  A spot no longer became a problem for a day or two.

That one month's spot would linger and so soon it was still a mark to be joined by another fresh spot - and so on.  I realise I am very lucky with my skin but I would like to live without the ghosts of spots past. 

Effaclar Duo+ really has to be tried to be believed (I could go into the whole science bit behind it if you like?)  - basically I put it on my massive red swollen spot on my chin and the next day the spot looked less mountainous (was less hurty too - you know how hurty they get when they are all massive and there is no sign of them coming to a head?) and the redness was reduced.  I was so impressed I started to put on Effaclar Duo+ morning and night and after a week the dark spots of past blemishes had reduced and no new (little feckers) spots had surfaced.  

I found myself getting a little amazed and addicted so I have been trying to use this only every other day, I was a little scared that something that offers such powerful results would be a bit harsh on the skin.  I need not have worried, one morning (I was up very very early) I accidentally applied Effaclar Duo + as my eye cream (I know, I'm an idiot). I was expecting my eyes to swell up or crust over but they were grand, nothing happened.  I think this shows how gentle but effective the product is.  When I think of all the remedies I used over the years that were harsh on the "good" areas of the skin.  One holiday I was away and trying to get rid of a massive red mountain so I used toothpaste, it dried out and cracked my skin so badly that my whole chin was raw and developed into a scab.  That was from a "natural" remedy.

Himself had a spot (or hive) on his side so I popped a bit of Effcalar Duo+ on it one evening and the next morning it was more or less gone.  FLIPPING AMAZING STUFF.  

My other MUST HAVE is Cicaplast Baume B5 which sorts out any redness or rash or bonkers skin - EVERY HOUSE MUST HAVE ONE.

This is my no makeup selfie (I didn't get the memo that I was supposed to look serious). You can see my skin has a few marks on the chin, nothing to put a paper bag on my head over, but I started using using Effaclar Duo the next day and was delighted at how much it reduced the redness from these old marks.  Not only does Effaclar Duo+ reduce current spots I have found that it prevents new spots, leaving my skin clearer than it has been in years.

Effaclar Duo+ costs €17.50 and it works - it really works and really is a must have.  I have found if you have any skin problem or allergy La Roche Posay really is the brand for you.  From extra sensitive skin care for babies to spotty old women (me) they have a simple, effective and AFFORDABLE cure for all skin complaints.   

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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Dior Fluid Stick 551 Aventure

I hold my hands up and admit to all of you that I am a lip product junkie, recently I thought "I'm not going to buy any more lip products til I use one up".  Come on I couldn't do that (although I do promise I will try and use up a product).  When I first spied Dior Addict Fluid Sticks (€34.50) online I got more than a little excited.  Last year I picked up a Dior Addict Be Iconic Lip Gloss (read about it here) it was pretty but I kinda imagined it to have a little more Oomph in fact I kinda thought it would be like Fluid Sticks. 

Dior announce loudly that "This is not a Lipstick" and Fluid Sticks are not lipsticks - they are the wonderful combination of the Colour of a Lipstick with the application of a Lip Gloss.  The colour is wonderfully gloss (not great for windy days + Hair) and leaves the lips with a gel or jelly like look - opaque but kinda clear at the same time (it looks like Jelly mmm Jelly).  I love this look especially for Spring and Summer. 

There are 15 shades in the range but at €34.50 I went for a sensible every day colour (well everyday for me) 551 Aventure which is a bright juicy orangy coral.  I absolutely loved the sales assistant in Boots Liffey Valley, he was so excited by Fluid Sticks I could of happily left with half the collection (he was the perfect mix of showing you the products without pushing them on you).  Unfortunately these bad boys cost €34.50 (which I really had no business spending on makeup - but what are you gonna do?) so I left with 1 (and have my eye on a few more).
The packaging is just so stinking cute... look ... the tube looks like a lipstick but it opens up to reveal the wand of a gloss (so your perfect lipstick shape is never destroyed).  A lot of brands have been bringing out similar products (Like the L'Extrodinare by Loreal which I am a fan of) but Dior have perfected the look.  While you get the colour and punch of a lipstick, its glossy like a gloss but also almost like a gel.  The texture of the product is a little unusual - when you first apply the product you can feel it like a gel on your lips, this sensation quickly fades and your left with beautiful colour. 

When I was swatching the glosses and picking out my colour I was left with a slight rainbow stain on my hand, I wouldn't consider these particularly long lasting but they wear off beautifully. The gloss gently fades leaving your lips looking naturally juicy and petty.

Excuse the smug face here, don't I just look so happy with myself and my fab dabby lipstick,  officially I LOVE FLUID STICKS.  I am currently saving my Boots points for my next one (it would be rude not to get a slag pink one).  By the way I am wearing Bourjois 1 Second Mascara here its FREAKING FANTASTIC - I have no lashes and it makes my lashes look long and amazing I can not be without it, best mascara I have tried in AGES.
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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

NYC Cosmetics Spring 2014

You have a tenner left in your purse and want to buy some makeup - for me I always want new lip products and one of my favourite budget brands for lip products is NYC Cosmetics (they are also my favourite budget brand for Nails and Cheeks).  NYC have some great new products for Spring 2014 and I am going to show you my favourites.

First up is the Beautifying Blushable BB Cream Stick*, I loved NYC's old Cream Sticks so I was devo when then decided to get rid of them.  Fear not they are back with new shades and new letters (honestly I eye twitch a little every time I see the letters BB or CC).  The shade I have is Never Sleep Pink which is the prettiest colour.

The cream sticks are easily applied - you can swipe directly onto your cheeks or if your feeling fancy apply with a brush either way they apply beautifully.   These cost €3.49 which is pretty amazing value. 
NYC's new lip offering are the Cityproof twistables*, I love this chubby stick style of lip product and I especially love that these cost €3.49 (I know amazing value NYC).   Pretty colour, comfortable on the lips with a handy applicator... that pretty much sums up Cityproof Twistables.

Rustic Rose, Ballroom Blush, Roosevelt Island Red, Gramercy Park Plum.

Gramercy Park Plum
Gramercy Park Plum
Roosevelt Island Red
Roosevelt Island Red
Ballroom Blush
Ballroom Blush

Rustic Rose
Rustic Rose
I think you will be hard pushed to find better value products than NYC I love their lip products and Rustic Rose is probably my favourite shade.    What do you think?  Sure you couldnt say no at €3.49

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Monday, May 12, 2014

Stila Spring 2014

I was telling you how Stila's Spring Collection 2014 was all about liners (here), I had to pick up some of the vibrant shades that Stila have brought out for Spring 2014.  Stila's last few collections have featured Limited edition Smudge Stick and Stay All Day Waterproof Liner Shades.  Spring 2014 is literally a rainbow of liners.  I am a huge fan of Smudge Sticks cause they do exactly what they say, you can line, you can smudge. The colours are vibrant and they stick around all day.  

I picked up the colours Cobalt (a cobalt blue), Canary (a canary yellow) and Sepia (golden taupe).  I love Spring and Summer makeup collections - I love how bright and vibrant they are, even though Stila's Spring collection mainly consists of liners they are so vivacious and colourful they can brighten up your whole look. I love the Spring/Summer look of brown/coral lids with blue liner (seen in Clarins Summer palette) we all have a million brown shades at home so all you need to do is pick up Stila Cobalt (£13.00 or €17.00) BOOM Hello Summer 2014. 

Currently Stila now have a whopping 28 shades of Smudge Sticks and 15 shades of Stay All Day liners.  If your a makeup artist Stila offer a phenomenal range of liner shades - or maybe your like me and see what a necessity it is to have a Canary yellow eye liner in your collection.  It is worth taking note that the counter in Harvey Nicks Dublin DO NOT have the full range of colours if you want to see the full range go to  

These are one swatch of the liners and as you can see you get bright vibrant colour, Cobalt is simply stunning and you can swipe again to build up a more intense colour.  When I visited the Stila counter at Harvey Nicks (which does NOT stock Canary or Cobalt) I spied the shade Metallic Umber but I forgot the name and ordered Sepia - not to worry Sepia is the prettiest golden taupe which is so flattering on the eyes.

HMMMM you know the way I LOVE STILA - well I also picked up another Magnificent Metals Eye Liner in Metallic Black Tanzanite which is a stunning blackened purple.  For me these will come into their own for night time or smokey looks (perfect for parties and Christmas).   During the Spring (when it arrives) and Summer I like to wear less makeup so I probably will not get a whole lot of use out of this beauty during the summer months.  

One light swipe of Cobalt - I love this shade its so instantly vibrant.

Here is Canary - no I haven't worn it a lot but I love what a happy colour yellow is so I had to have it.  I don't know why this shade makes my eyeball look angry.  If your a makeup artist you could go to town with these shades and create interesting and out there looks - I am an old woman so I just went for a simple line.  

I love Stila Smudge Sticks I try and collect them all because they are so simple to use, give great colour payoff, are soft (I use them to tight line).  For me they are my Holy Grail liners, I love that there is such a wide range of colours.  

You can buy Stila from (with Free Shipping to UK and a small Shipping Charge to Ireland), Harvey Nicks Dublin, Brown Thomas and Cara Pharamcy.  

I am so excited for Stila's Summer Collection which will at 9 shades to their iconic convertible cheek colours.... oh dear Mr. Bank will not be very happy with me when it launches Mid May.  
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