Friday, July 11, 2014

Beach Waves from L'oreal

I love beach waves but my hair has a little hate/hate relationship with products which claim to give you Beach Waves.  I have found that instead of looking like a relaxed and chilled Californian girl I end up looking a little more like Crazy Cat Lady.  I have been suckered into a fair few products which claim to give you easy beach waves - last year I decided the madness must stop after I ended up looking a cross between a massive blonde candy floss and a giant spiders nest (when I met my friend after work she just stared at me and said "what is up with your hair".  I donated all my beach wave products and decided to move on with my life.  

This year a little product called Beach Waves from L'Oreal* came into my life, honestly I wasn't holding out much hope but MAN I LOVE IT.  If I am being honest with you part of my love for beach waves is the idea and the look that they don't require much work, if there is anything I hate more is faffing around for hours with my hair, especially during the summer.  Who wants to spend ages drying your hair and styling your hair and pretty much drying it out?  NOBODY thats who.  
L'Oreal Beach Waves is easy - you wash your hair (obviously) then you dry your hair til its nearly dry. Spray a bit of the product onto your hair (not into your mouth as I accidentally did the first time - sweet lord don't do this cause it will knock you out).  Then you separate your hair into about 5 or so sections, twist each section until it winds into a bun, secure each bun and leave to dry.  Even a blonde could do it.

As well as the Beach Wave product the kit contains a wide tooth comb and a nifty little net which your place around your buns for that sexy granny look (its actually quite handy for keeping your hair out of the way and in place).

When you let down your hair (I like to give the buns a quick blast with the hairdryer before I let them down) ta da - perfect casual beach waves.  What I love most about this product is it leaves your hair soft and touchable - a soft cascade of waves you can run your fingers through (personally I hate hair that looks stiff and that you cant touch).

Beach Waves is so easy to use (especially if you don't spray it in your mouth), sometimes I haven't managed to gauge if my hair is dry enough when I put it in the little buns (it feels dry but I have really thick hair) one time I was in a rush and the buns were not dry and so the waves had a little less oomph.  If you have thick hair my advice would be dry your hair for longer.

If you want soft, touchable waves I would definitely recommend L'Oreal Beach Waves (€17.85 150ML)

L'Oreal Professional have also created a in salon service which gives you beach waves for up to 8 weeks (ooo imagine).  L’Oréal Professionnel Beach Waves is available from L’Oréal Professionnel salons nation-wide. Call 0845 6000 122
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