Wednesday, August 27, 2014

NYC Expert Last Lip Lacquer

In my opinion NYC Cosmetics make some of the best budget lip products, in fact the pigmentation and the prices kinda blow my mind.  NYC's newest offering the Expert Last Lip Lacquer* (€3.49) they show us they are still making fantastic lip products.  Expert Last Lip Lacquers are intensely coloured liquid lipsticks which are also long lasting (and not too liquidy - no joker smiles). 

There are six shades in the range and I have them all here left to right: Chelsea Cherry Blossoms, Lincoln Square Love Affair, Madison Square Mauve, FiDi Fuchsia, Big City Berry,  Rockaway Ruby.

They are comfortable and light to wear on the lips, the pigmentation of a lipstick with the ease of application that you get from a gloss.  They are great quality lipsticks and when you hear that they are €3.49.

Chelsea Cherry Blossoms, Lincoln Square Love Affair, Madison Square Mauve, FiDi Fuchsia, Big City Berry,  Rockaway Ruby,

Chelsea Cherry Blossoms - I am not a fan of light or nude lips, its like my lips repel them. 

Lincoln Square Love Affair - such a pretty pink

 Madison Square Mauve - perfect for that 90ies brown/nude

 FiDi Fuchsia - this is my favourite, an absolutely fantastic shade that looks stunning on the lips EVERYBODY NEEDS THIS SHADE.

 Big City Berry - such a pretty berry shade

  Rockaway Ruby - want a long lasting true red? 

NYC make fantastic lip products at amazing value (I am also a huge fan of their nail polishes and cheek products).  If your looking to try some vibrant, intense and very pretty lip products Fidi Fuchsia and Rockaway Red are must have shades) pop along to check out the Expert Last Lip Lacquers available from September. 

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Sally Hansen - Tan & Toes Perfection Pack

How perfect is this set from Sally Hansen?  For those of you who are fans of Airbrush Legs (that's a whole lot of people) you can pick up this kit which contains a Airbrush Legs and a Complete Salon Manicure polish. 
If you have ever used Airbrush Legs you know how fantastic it is.  Its quick and easy to use and puts a bit of life into legs.  I have a work colleague who uses Airbrush Legs EVERY DAY, its quicker and easier to use than false tan.

Pick up this kit now for €13.95 BARGAIN Pin It

Monday, August 25, 2014

Nars Eye Shadow Duo in Kauai

Nars Eye Shadows and me have a bit of a Love/Hate relationship.  Some of them are flipping amazing, butter soft, pigmented pots of joy and others... lets just say they are a miss.  I picked up the stunning duo in Kauai which is part of the Spring 2014 Collection.  I love how buttery, soft with almost a metallic glint the shadows have.  The other duo in the collection China Seas was also very pretty but again was one of those duos that didn't swatch as well and came out patchy.  

Kauai really is one of those duos that when you swatch makes you go OOOOO BUTTERY.  The Old Gold shade is simple and stunning.  I hadn't bought anything from Nars for quite a while but this little duo restored my faith in the brand.  Nars eye shadow duos cost €34.00 you really need to swatch them to see if they are one of their "Stunning duos" or one of their "Looks pretty in the pan but doesn't quite work Duos".   I would also advice you to mind your Nars products, they are delicate little creatures, if you drop them they will shatter.  I have had a few Nars products kamikaze off my counter and they have not lived to tell the tale (I also had a blush which fell about 2 inches and it also shattered.  Remember TREAT WITH CARE. 

I have picked up one of Nars new Dual Intensity Shadows and it is beautiful - ill be sharing that with you soon.

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Friday, August 22, 2014

Highlighter obsessed

This summer I have decided I want to be J-Lo, I realise that there there a number of major flaws with this plan but I have barreled ahead to try and make myself a glowing goddess - without really using any tanning products.  During the Summer of 2014 I have become OBSESSED with highlighting products, not that I havent always been a fan but its a step I personally tend to over look.  This summer I haven't been able to pass a highlighter without wanting it in my life.

The first highlighter I picked up this summer was from Laura Mercier's Summer collection, it was the limited edition cream highlighter in Golden Pink.  I really loved this subtle highlighter when I picked it up first.  Its cream so it makes it easy to apply, its golden but also has a hint of delicate pink.  I am not going to talk about this too much because its well gone from the shops - I was determined to get this years offering from Laura Mercier because I missed the 2013 beauty that was Spellbound and I am still kicking myself.
Golden Pink is very pretty and works as a subtle, natural highlighter, but I wanted bold and in your face highlighter.

While I was innocently walking past the Dior counter I spotted the Nude Tan.... I say innocently because I dont tend to buy a lot from Dior.  Nude Tan is a highlighter but its definitely a J- Lo tan/golden/work of the angels highlighter.  Nude Tan is also limited edition (which always sucks me in) and costs (hold your breath) €57.00.  In fairness to Dior you get a very sturdy and very pretty silver compact, a little dust cover to protect the compact and a small Kabuki brush.  Excellent work on the packaging Dior.  I am not 100% sure on this but I think there is a way to depot the powder when your finished and you can use the beautiful packaging again. 

The golden shade of this highlighter is much for J-Lo appropriate I brush it on my cheekbones and across my forehead... If I actually had a tan it would look even more amazing.

If I am being honest when I first forked over the €57.00 for a non essential part of my beauty day I had a attack of the guilts.  Then I took it home and opened the box ahhhh a little piece of (expensive) heaven right in my makeup collection.  If I had to pick one competition it would be Dior.

What highlighters have you been loving this Summer?

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Benefit Majorette

Has anybody else been looking forward to Benefits newest offering?  Benefit have taken their boxed powder snazzed it up, made it cuter (if possible), put a dinky mirror in the lid.  If that wasn't enough Majorette has a cream to powder finis, which smells like peach and pomegranate.
Majorette is exclusively available at the Benefit Boutique Dublin and will be on counters nationwide from Saturday 30th August. Pin It

Monday, August 18, 2014

YSL Babydoll Kiss & Blush Corail Affranchi #7

I am always a little skeptical when I hear that a product can be used for two purposes, the lazy girl in me LOVES the idea, the practical girl really wants to see if it will work well.  YSL recently launched their Kiss and Blush and as the name implies its a lip and a cheek product.

I have the shade Corail Affranchi no 7* to show you today.

The consistency of the product is really interesting its soft and light and reminds me almost of a moouse in consistency.  It is in fact air whipped which explains the feeling.  There are 12 colours in the range and they cost €30.00 each - expensive for a single product, not bad when its a cheek and lip product.  

I think YSL create some of the best lip products, you might pay premium beauty prices for them but you get a premium beauty product.  

I was sure that I would prefer to apply the product one way rather than both, and I was right.  I much prefer to use the Kiss and Blush as a blush rather than on my lips (I feel the same about my beloved Stila Convertible Colors I much prefer to use them on the cheeks).  This might have more to do with the fact that my lips tend to be dry and products that feel a little different (as I mentioned earlier this feels like whipped moouse) my lips get confused.  I definitely think with the Kiss and Blush is a case of "its not you its me" so I would suggest trying it on your lips. 

I am slightly obsessed with the shade Corail Affranchi - while I don't tend to pick up corals - I am right for the hot pink shades this shade is just perfection.  Its a coral colour but veers towards a deeper terracotta shade (without going too terracotta).  In fact its the perfect shade, your cheeks look alive and warmer without bronzer.  Corail Affranchi gives me that "I Feel Pretty" vibe when I wear it (I try and not sing it to myself...promise).  I love how alive and natural it makes you look - if I am being honest I tend to get smug face when I wear it.  I also love how the lips and cheeks compliment each other without looking too matchy matchy.

For me the Kiss and Blush are winners - in the winter I must try a deeper shade.  Have you tried YSL Kiss and Blush?

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