Friday, August 22, 2014

Highlighter obsessed

This summer I have decided I want to be J-Lo, I realise that there there a number of major flaws with this plan but I have barreled ahead to try and make myself a glowing goddess - without really using any tanning products.  During the Summer of 2014 I have become OBSESSED with highlighting products, not that I havent always been a fan but its a step I personally tend to over look.  This summer I haven't been able to pass a highlighter without wanting it in my life.

The first highlighter I picked up this summer was from Laura Mercier's Summer collection, it was the limited edition cream highlighter in Golden Pink.  I really loved this subtle highlighter when I picked it up first.  Its cream so it makes it easy to apply, its golden but also has a hint of delicate pink.  I am not going to talk about this too much because its well gone from the shops - I was determined to get this years offering from Laura Mercier because I missed the 2013 beauty that was Spellbound and I am still kicking myself.
Golden Pink is very pretty and works as a subtle, natural highlighter, but I wanted bold and in your face highlighter.

While I was innocently walking past the Dior counter I spotted the Nude Tan.... I say innocently because I dont tend to buy a lot from Dior.  Nude Tan is a highlighter but its definitely a J- Lo tan/golden/work of the angels highlighter.  Nude Tan is also limited edition (which always sucks me in) and costs (hold your breath) €57.00.  In fairness to Dior you get a very sturdy and very pretty silver compact, a little dust cover to protect the compact and a small Kabuki brush.  Excellent work on the packaging Dior.  I am not 100% sure on this but I think there is a way to depot the powder when your finished and you can use the beautiful packaging again. 

The golden shade of this highlighter is much for J-Lo appropriate I brush it on my cheekbones and across my forehead... If I actually had a tan it would look even more amazing.

If I am being honest when I first forked over the €57.00 for a non essential part of my beauty day I had a attack of the guilts.  Then I took it home and opened the box ahhhh a little piece of (expensive) heaven right in my makeup collection.  If I had to pick one competition it would be Dior.

What highlighters have you been loving this Summer?

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  1. You know I'm like you I can't turn away from a good highlighter! I don't really contour with bronzer but I love to use a little highlighter on my cheeks!


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