Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Maybelline Color Elixir

A little while ago I told you about Dior Fluid Sticks (read here) they are a kinda fantastic product which give the colour of a lipstick, the application and sheen of a gloss but feel hydrating and moisturising on the lips all captured in the dinkiest packaging that looks like a lipstick but applies like a gloss.  AND NOW LADIES AND GENTLEMEN I HAVE A DUPE enter Maybelline Color Elixir.

I have been waiting with great anticipation to see did these babies arrive on our shores and was delighted to hear that they would be launching in September.  When I popped one of these out of my handbag to apply in work one of my colleagues literally had me hounded about what it was and when it was out.  The design of the product is really stand out looking like a lipstick in a clear tube.
While the packaging is clever and adorable it really is the consistency of Color Elixirs that make them winners, they feel amazing on the lips, really amazing, more like a lip treatment than a lip product.  I have dry lips so when something sits so comfortably on my lips it scores highly in my book.  All this and we haven't gotten around to talking about the amazing pigment on the lips.

Blush Essence, Hibiscus Haven, Mandarin Rapture, Signature Scarlet
At the far right we can see Dior Aventure and beside it is Mandarin Rapture from Maybelline - I conducted a quick Instragram experiment applying Maybelline Mandarin Rapture on one half of my lips and Dior Aventure on the other half to see was there any difference.....
As you can see they are the exact same on the lips, the only difference is Dior Fluid Sticks cost €34.00 and Maybelline Color Elixirs cost less than ten euro.  If we do our beauty maths we could get 3 Color Elixirs for less than the price of one Dior Fluid Stick.  I like Dior Fluid Sticks so much I bought 2 so you can imagine how impressed I am with the price and quality of Color Elixirs.

Blush Essence, Hibiscus Haven, Mandarin Rapture, Signature Scarlet

Lets have a look on the lips

Blush Essence

Hibiscus Haven

Mandarin Rapture,

Signature Scarlet

As you can see the lips are left looking pigmented and juicy, the initial gloss wears off well and evenly,  Color Elixirs are not sticky on the lips, I love the consistency.

Maybelline Color Elixir come in 11 Shades (I have a feeling the shade Fuchsia Flourish will be mine) €9.69 and will be available nationwide from September.  Pin It


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