Wednesday, October 1, 2014

American Haul Tarte

Don't you love it when your friend goes to America and very kindly picks up a few pieces on your wish list from Sephora.  Nothing like getting one of those black and white stripped bags to make me do a happy dance (in semi public).  I really wish we had Tarte Cosmetics over here (there are a few bits and bobs on QVC) I had my eye on the Rain forest After Dark palette which has 6 eye shadows, a blush, bronzer and a highlighter.  Basically your whole face in a palette the size of your hand. 

I have been using this palette every day since I have gotten it, I love it.  I especially love that there is a bronzer and highlighter in the same palette. 
It would be wrong to ignore Marc Jacobs when a visit to Sephora is on the cards so I asked for one of the new Kiss Pop Lip Sticks - I got the colour Pop- Arazzi a bright and happy pink.  I haven't used this yet but I love the cute packaging, its like a crayon for adults.

Last year I picked up some Bite Beauty products so I was interested in trying one of their new Matte Creme Lip Crayons I went for the shade Tatin.  I am so impressed by this bad boy which lasted comfortably on lips all through lunch without moving. 

Cause my friend is deadly she also picked me up a Bite Beauty mini lipstick duo in shades which I think you will agree are very me.  One end of the dinky lippy has the shade Violet and the other has the shade Palomino.  These are long lasting on the lips and the tube is adorable. 

Oh Sephora why arent you in Ireland? Pin It


  1. I love them allllllll! Oh this makes me so happy and excited :) The bright pink shades are very you Mags and you'll get a lot of wear out of them, thus meaning the purchases were all valid :)

    1. this makes me so excited for you going to america and getting to play in sephora. :) .take me with you

  2. Oh Mags that haul is a thing of beauty. God I thought I'd a lot of bright pink lipsticks. Not a patch on you though missus.

  3. Gorgeous haul Mags, i want everything!

  4. That Tarte palette!!.... Amazing.

  5. I love this palette, my sis tried getting it for me in the States but it was sold out!


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