Thursday, October 30, 2014

Stila - Aer Lingus

By now you know that I am Stila's Number 1 fan and am totally Stila Obsessed.  I have some exciting Stila news for you.... Stila will be available to buy on Aer Lingus flights.   Ahhh just think your coming home from your holidays, your a bit sad, you sit on the plane only to find you can buy STILA.  

Stila will be selling two of their products on Aer Lingus flights (those Duty Free Carts can only carry so much) and I happen to think they have picked two excellent products.  First up is the Stila In the Light (read my review here) - this is one of Stila's new classics.   In the Light is a beautiful selection of 10 eye shadows which are soft, buttery and extremely pigmented along with a smudge stick.  The eye shadows offer plenty of colour combinations while also offering classic tones, the palette comes with a look book in case you need inspiration.  I love smudge sticks - I use one on my waterline every day - they are easy to use and soft without being too soft.  In the Light is a great classic palette, I might be seduced by new purchases but In the Light is a palette I ALWAYS return to.  

The second product is one of Stila's best selling and award winning products the Convertible Color (I have reviews here and here), If I had to choose a favourite Stila product it would be Convertible Colours.  This easy to use blush and lip colour comes in adorable packaging (the packaging is the same shade as the product making it easy to pick out of your makeup bag but also makes it the cutest packaging).  They are very easy to use, you can apply using your finger to both your cheeks and your lips and although Aer Lingus will only be selling the shade Gerbera once you try them you will be joining me in my Convertible Color addiction and have to buy all the shades (you can purchase them from - I recently picked up my last shade which I will be sharing with you soon). 

So when are we going on holidays? 

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