Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Stila Masterclass with Brand Ambassador Sascha Jackson

Stila are having a Masterclass with one of their Pro Artist Sascha Jackson on Thursday 4th December.  The one hour classes cost €40 which is redeemable against Stila Products - just an FYI the kinda amazing Eyes are the Window Palettes cost €39 or you could pick up one of Stila's adorable Christmas gift sets.

If you ever look at Stila on QVC (I know I do) Sascha is who you will see as the Face of the brand.  I happen to know I will get along great with Sascha, not just because I am a HUGE Stila fan but also because we love some of the same Stila products including   One step correct Longwearing primer and the Convertible colour (my hands down favourite Stila product.   Stila are celebrating their 20th Birthday this year and have some incredible Christmas sets.  This is a perfect opportunity to learn some tips and tricks while picking up a present or two. 

To book Call 01 2910450
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Friday, November 21, 2014

YSL Black Opium

My mam wore YSL Opium in the 80ies and all that that implies.  For me that implies shoulder pads, red suit jackets and big huge hair - SERIOUSLY HUGE HAIR.  My mam is generally not a lady for a signature scent but YSL Opium was her scent for a long time.  When I think of YSL Opium and my mam during that time I think Dallas and Dynasty - basically massive hair and shoulder pads.  Mother dear is still a fan of very groomed hair but thank god she has gotten rid of the shoulder pads. 

This year YSL have released an updated version of Opium called Black Opium*, I was interested to try it out because as a child I always remember Opium being quite a heady and overpowering scent.  Black Opium is a little more sparkly (including its pretty fantastic looking bottle) and a little more modern than the original.  The scent is still a strong, powerful and sexy scent but think of the YSL Opium Woman woman being slightly more rock chick than Dallas chick. 

The scent although strong - definitely a sexy evening fragrance - it still has some sweet elements to it.  While having a perfume discussion with my personal perfume guru Artdonatella told me she thinks that YSL Black Opium is a mix of Lancome La vie est belle and Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb.  I love both fragrances so I am a fan of YSL Black Opium.  I did take time for me to adjust to the fragrance (especially after wearing lighter fresher fragrances all summer). 
Lets look at the notes of the fragrance.

Top Notes:  Pink Pepper, Orange Blossom, Pear
Heart Notes:  Coffee, Jasmine
Base Notes: Vanilla, Patchouli, Cedar

Whats interesting to me is the base note of YSL Black Opium is Patchouli.  I love the Patchouli, I love how rich it makes fragrances, but there is something about the way Patchouli mixes with my skin that makes it not suit me.  I adore the fragrances Angel and La vie est belle but they just don't sit right with my body chemistry one of the things I love about them on others is Patchouli.  I don't have this problem with YSL Black Opium.  If your looking for a fragrance that's a little sexy with some sweetness try YSL Black Opium. 

YSL Black Opium costs €58.00 for 30ml and €79.00 for 50ml. Pin It

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Dublin gets Charlotte Fever

Last week Charlotte Fever took over the beauty hall of Brown Thomas Dublin when Charlotte Tilbury made an appearance at her counter.  The beauty hall was packed with excited fans waiting to get a glimpse of the genius behind Ireland new favourite brand.  The hall was packed with half the female population of Ireland and the interesting thing about Charlotte's appeal is there were women of all ages and from all walks of life there, from the very young to the lovely Nana (who was buying Light Wonder Foundation).  Being a huge fan I had to go in to Brown Thomas to stalk meet her.

Charlotte took the time to meet EVERYBODY take a selfie but more importantly she gave you a breakdown of what products she though you should be using.  She really took the time to talk to everybody and give tips on how you can be the best version of yourself.  When I got up to Charlotte she said "Your Glowing" being Irish and unable to take a compliment of any kind I thought that translated into "your sweaty and all your makeup has come off" (it was a VERY crowded beauty hall).  I said oh sorry it must be from "Out there" pointing to the crowd of well mannered and excited women patiently awaiting their turn.  "No Darling, Your Wearing Wonder Glow" she replied.  Charlotte has the power to spot her own product Wonder Glow at 10 paces because I was in fact wearing Wonder Glow mixed with my foundation.  I told her whenever I use it people say I am glowing, which she was delighted to hear.  She then told me that I should try the Uptown Girl Palette (which just happened to be next on my list) and also some of the Matte Revolution Lipsticks.

 Charlotte is undoubtedly one of the most passionate and enthusiastic people with regard to beauty and her products - I overheard her say to one of the people with her that if she had suitcases of Magic Cream she would give it away-  because she is so animated and passionate about her beauty products you dont notice how amazing and flawless her skin is.  Us Irish girls know a thing or two about pale skin and how it can show us redness and discoloration but Charlotte's skin was flawless ABSOLUTELY BREATHTAKINGLY FLAWLESS she said it was her Magic Cream. Magic Cream is going top of my Christmas List.  Although Magic Cream is spendy at €90 I did hear that Charlotte was offered a deal to sell her Magic Cream separately from her make up line (such is its legend) and it would be sold for a much higher price, Charlotte wanted the cream to be available to as many people as possible so she refused and has tried to keep the price as low as possible.

When I went to meet Charlotte I wore mostly Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Products, I had picked up the whole Dolce Vita kit (which I will tell you about another time) which I wore on my eyes.  For me the most impressive thing about Charlotte's range is how it can make you glow. I love the blush in the shade Ecstasy I have been following Charlotte's rules about applying blush to make you look more alive and brighter and I always apply it at the end of my makeup so I can judge how much to apply. 
My hero product (so far) is the Filmstar Bronze and Glow I have been using this EVERY DAY since I got it.  If your looking for subtle easy face shaping/brightening you need Filmstar Bronze and Glow.  The packaging is stunning, the product is amazing and so simple to use and leaves you with subtle soft contouring (if your looking for heavy Kim K style contouring this is not the product for you).  
Wonder Glow is a must have product for me, whenever I wear it (which is most days now) I mix a little with my foundation and everybody says I look glowing.  It still blows my mind that Charlotte can spot this product on somebody.  When I first played with it on the back of my hand I wasn't overwhelmed (then again I am a fan of the mega JLo Glow) but people keep saying I am glowing wearing it and I have become more than a little obsessed with it.  

Its beyond my control to visit the Charlotte Tilbury counter without making a purchase and since Charlotte was there to launch her limited edition 11th Girl The Supermodel I had to pick up some products from the look.  I picked up the lipstick in the shade Confession a nudy/pink.  That's another thing Charlotte has this self confessed bright lipstick girl buying nude shades.
From the left we have the liner in Pillow Talk, Confession and to the right the wonderful Bitch Perfect.
Confession is the perfect My lips but better shade - its not too nude and feels fantastic on the lips.

As I said earlier the next eye shadow palette on my list was the Uptown Palette so I debated the Fallen Angel Palette (for about 5 seconds).  Since the counter was so busy I didnt even swatch it, I thought this baby needs a home.  At €59 its more expensive that the regular eye shadow palettes but the formula is slightly different and the shades can be used dry or wet for more intense colour.  

As you can see from below the palette is the same size as the other eye shadow palettes but its decorated with Charlotte's signature stars.  I love the fact that there are no applicators included in the palettes, in my opinion if your going to pay €50 for an eyeshadow palette you will have some beauty tools in your possession. 

The shadows themselves also have Charlotte's signature stars on them (they go once you use the shadows).  The shades are buttery soft and so pigmented.  

To the left I have the quad swatched dry and to the right its swatched damp - as you can see the colours are stunning dry.  Dampening your brush really just ups the amp on these already pigmented and beautiful shades. This is a limited edition palette so if you want to pick it up do it sooner rather than later.  I am more than a little obsessed with the top two shades.

As we waited to meet the wonderful Charlotte we were given samples of some of Charlotte's lipsticks and some lip shaped treats - perfect for me the lipstick lover.

I am totally besotted with Charlotte's packaging - its so classy and vintage inspired.  The lipsticks truly look like something Marilyn Monroe would have in her handbag. 

There is something genius about Charlotte's products, the skin care items make your skin look glowing.  The eye products make your eyes look a little brighter.  The lip products make your lips look a little pouty.  You still look like yourself but as Charlotte says a better version of yourself.
Every time I visit the Charlotte Tilbury Counter my list gets a little longer and especially after meeting her and seeing her enthusiasm first hand my love for the brand has grown more.

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Harvey Nichols Christmas Shopping Party

Ladies and Gentlemen Harvey Nichols are having a Christmas Shopping Party with 15% off Beauty and Perfumery - yes that would be Stila.  Its on Wednesday 19th November 10 am - 10 pm.

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Friday, November 14, 2014

Narciso by Narciso Rodriguez

Scent is a funny thing, it can instantly bring us back to a different time and place and fill us with memories.  I never thought that I was a "Perfume Person"  I get a lot of my knowledge from the beautiful Andreea (Artdonatella who is my go to info source on perfume) when I first heard about Narciso* the new fragrance by Narciso Rodriguez I was brought back to when I first smelt Narciso Rodriguez For Her.  I was wandering around Brown Thomas when somebody offered me a sample on some grosgrain ribbon (the ribbon should have been an indication of how special the fragrance was). I took it and wandered past the perfume to the "Good Part" of the beauty hall (where all the makeup lives.   I was looking at the makeup while absently minded sniffed the ribbon.  HOLD ON A SECOND.  I spent the next week sniffing the ribbon trying to inhale as much of the fragrance as I could, the next weekend I marched back to Brown Thomas to make For Her my own.  

I wore For Her for a long time (I went through 2 bottles), in fact the only reason I stopped wearing it was because somebody I knew began to wear it.  You know when your signature scent is worn by somebody you see quite often it takes away from its uniqueness.

Narciso Ridriguez has a new fragrance called Narciso and the moment I sniffed it I fell more than an little in love.   Narciso is a very unusual fragrance, for me it manages to be warm and soft without being an insipid fragrance which is gone in 5 minutes.  If you look at the bottle you can imagine what the fragrance is like.... its strong (but not overpowering) yet feminine, comforting yet sexy.  Classy yet warm.  
I suppose its the mix of notes which makes this fragrance a floral musk but it manages to do this in a very soft and feminine way.  I am usually not a fan of anything floral and Narciso has floral notes but they are not over whelming.  There is almost a soft powdery vibe to the fragrance.  

Top Notes: Gardinia and White Rose
Middle Notes: Musk
Base Notes: Vetiver,White Cedar Extract, Cedar

I love that Narciso manages to be soft yet noticeable,  whenever I wear this (which is ALL THE TIME) people comment on it.  When I wore it into work one of my colleagues took herself straight to Boots to get a sample.  I photographed Narciso on a fur blanket because that's how I feel when I am wearing it, like I am being engulfed in a big soft, sexy, warm hug.  I usually mix up my fragrances for winter but I think Narciso will be my classic round the year fragrance.  

Narciso costs 50ml €79 for 50ml and €99 for 90ml.  I imagine that it will be a big hit this Christmas. If you have somebody in your life who is a fragrance fanatic and is looking for something a little different and classy this is definitely the scent for them.   I urge you to smell Narciso - although If I am being honest I kinda want to keep this fragrance all to myself.  
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Thursday, November 13, 2014

I have been shopping again - Please stop me from going into Space NK

I am beginning to think I need some form of intervention, you know when you should have a sensible head on your shoulders and save a few bob but you cant seen to stop yourself from buying ALL THE NICE THINGS.  I have no excuse, I am supposed to be saving.  If you see me approaching a cash register with makeup please stop me.  

First up is the Lorac Mega Pro Palette, I have the Pro to Go which I got in America last year.  I really like it.  The Mega Pro Palette was released via Lorac's site and on Amazon and after missing the first batch I snapped it up the moment I saw it go online again.  Considering it was coming from America it arrived very quickly.  I haven't had much a of a chance to play with the Palette - it turns out I only have 2 eye balls.  From what I have used the shadows are soft, buttery and very pigmented.  The top 2 rows are all Matt colours - I usually hate Matt shades but these seem great - and the bottom 2 rows are shimmers/glitters.  

Next I took a trip to Space NK on Grafton Street, all under the guise that I had €5.00 on my Indulge Loyalty card to spend.  They had new products in for Christmas, I am a sucker for new things.   Did you know that if you want something that is online in Space NK they can order it for you in the shop in Grafton Street and it should be there within 4 days,  they are working on a click and collect service which is a little exciting.  The staff in Space NK Grafton Street are beyond helpful and knowledgeable.

Even though I am a huge fan of Kevyn Aucoin's books I don't own any of his makeup so when I saw The Look Book Essential Glamour Palette (€47.00) I picked it up.  

The palette is like a small leather bound book and features 4 eye shadows, 2 cheek colours and 2 lip colours.  The shades are designed to create either a natural or a dramatic look.  To be honest with you I kinda have the guilts for buying this, I haven't used it because part of me is thinking that it will make a wonderful Christmas present (and that will ease the guilts).  Has anybody tried Kevyn Aucoin products?

I don't exactly have buyers remorse, I do have buyers guilt. I am thinking who else will appreciate this as much as me ?

I think By Terry is such a pretty range.  Honestly I approached the til with a new By Terry Lip lacquer but it rang up for €43.00 which I thought was cray cray and I left it behind (see I can be sensible on the rare occasion).  The moment I swatched the Color Eye Pencil in  Neo Indigo I knew it had to be mine (as long as it wasn't mad money.... it cost €25.00 which was good because the makeup endorphin had been release).

It is exactly what is says on the side a neon Indigo liner unlike anything I have ever seen, it manages to be bold and just a bit subtle at the same time (well as subtle as Indigo eye liner can be).  I have been quite impressed that it lasts all day on the eye lids.  The pencil comes with a sharpener but in reality if your paying €25.00 for a product that needs sharpening it should come with a sharpener.  This liner does last all day but if your going out in the evening you may need to top it up for extra impact.  The liner almost looks like different shades depending on the light that your in.  Its really stunning.

BOOM isnt that a beautiful shade? If your thinking "Where would I wear it?"  I wear it to work on a Tuesday, but thats just how I roll.
I had gone to Brown Thomas to get a Nars Audacious Lipstick, I left with a little something from the Christmas Collection the eye shadow in the shade Canberra.  I have a bit of a Love/Hate relationship with some of Nars eye shadows, I fall in love with some of the shades and they just don't look the same when swatched or applied (I am looking at you Night Series).  I saw Canberra (€25.00) I swatched, it was good, so I bought and went home happy.  

I must be having some kind of Indigo/purple mid life crisis - two purchased of similar shade on the same day.  Canberra is a very pretty shade and I have been loving wearing both this and the By Terry liner together.  The By Terry liner is so vivid it almost leaves Canberra looking like a muted grey/navy/purple.

Swatched together - sure dont they make great friends.

I am usually all about the vivid lip but for some reason I have been incorporating a more subtle lip into my range so this is a great eye look to go with it - if I was to wear the two together I might start to look like the Donatella Muppet.

My Final purchase (which was actually my first) is the Nars Audacious Lipstick in Brigitte.  I had tried to get this rosey/nude shade before but it was out of stock in Brown Thomas so I was delighted to get my hands on it.  The range in BT has 30 shades so its a little overwhelming trying to pick just one.  The packaging is lovely and has a magnetic closure for €30.00 your lipstick needs to be pretty, functional with great packaging.  Audacious lipsticks do just this.  I prefer the packaging of the Charlotte Tilbury Lipsticks which also cost €30.00 but I think the formula of Nars pips Charlotte's lipsticks (I reserve the right to change my mind).  

This is without showing you a new palette that I have bought from Stila - soon my pretties, it is fab, or my Charlotte Tilbury purchases.  If your looking for me I will be busking on Grafton Street.... Will sing out of key for makeup.  
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