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Stila - Eyes are the Window Palette - Spirit (and Stila Holiday 2014 gifts)

I know it might seem like I have been cheating on my beloved Stila with Charlotte Tilbury lately, fear not we are still very happy with each other (think of it like me going to see the film "The Drop" with himself and looking in wonder at Tom Hardy, looking as his fab lips and then Tom Hardy with a puppy ......what was that film about again?)

Since Stila are 20 years old this year and they are spoiling us with a selection of new eye shadow palettes.  I kinda knew I wouldn't be able to pass by the Harvey Nicks Dublin counter without picking one up.

There are 4 different palettes - each palette has 12 eye shadows and costs €38.00 (makeup maths means that each shadow costs just over €3.00).  Stila eyeshadows cost £12.00 to purchase individually, I love to pick up palettes because they are better value for money and you get a good shade range.  Each palette has a different theme - Mind, Body, Soul and Spirit.  I went for the Spirit Palette because it has Stila's best selling shades over the past 20 years.  Some of the shadows are old favourites (like Golightly) and some are new shades to me.  Spirit has a very classic shade range, nothing too out there or over the top.  With many palettes there are usually one or two shades that are used consistently and a few that are ignored (if ever used) I can see most people using all of the shades in the Spirit Palette. 

All of the shadows are soft, buttery and pigmented as you would expect from Stila Shadows.  I have read (on the internet where I like to stalk all things Stila) that some of the shades in the other palettes are not as pigmented as the Spirit Palette.  As I dont have the other palettes I cant speak for how pigmented or soft the shadows are, I can say if your looking for a classic eye shadow palette with soft, buttery and pigmented shades the Spirit Palette is a brilliant option.  There are 2 shades that are matt and are not as pigmented as the other shades in the palette. 

The palette is a move away from the heavy cardboard packaging on other Stila palettes.  It is a shiny plastic with a magnetic closure, it get covered in fingerprints but its also sturdy and feels like it would travel well - as well as looking a bit fancier than traditional Stila palettes.
Stila always have a inspirational quote on the inside of their packaging (usually from inspirational women) this time its a quote about the spirit from Leonardo Da Vinci.

As you can see the palette will suite everybody from the makeup novice to the makeup lover, there are basic shades of amazing quality for everybody.  

If your a fan of Stila you will see some very well known shades.  Lets have a look at some swatches, I will swatch them on my finger and then show you how they transfer onto my arm (mostly cause they were so buttery soft and pretty). 

Top Row : Kitten, Puppy, Pigalle

The very famous Kitten which is a fabulous champagne gold
Puppy a classic brown - a more matt shade - not as pigmented but a great transitional shade
Pigalle another famous Stila shade and something a little bit different 

Swatched on the arm you can see that puppy doesnt show up as well as Kitten and Pigalle.

Second Row: Oasis, Jezebel, Barefoot

                                                                 Oasis, Jezebel, Barefoot

Wheat, Golightly, Espresso 

Wheat - back in the day What was more of a favourite to me than Kitten, it has less of a chunky shimmer to it.   
Golightly is one of my all time favourite brown shades and all time favourite Stila shades - as a bronze/brown it really makes my grey eyes stand out.  Back in the day when I favored crazy eye makeup Golightly was still a favourite of mine because it was so flattering on the eye.   

 Espresso - a matt brown (sorry for the blurry shot)

Wheat, Golightly, Espresso on the arm - as you can see Espresso doesn't transfer as well but it builds up nicely when applied to the lid with a brush.  
Bottom Row : Cassis, Slate, Pewter

                                                                  Cassis a milky matt shade
Slate -  a beautiful almost purple grey
                                                             Pewter - a silvery grey

On the arm : Cassis, Slate, Pewter

The top row of the palette has Pigalle which is perhaps is the most extreme shade of the palette, the middle rows offer you a great variation on classic neutral eyes and the bottom eye allows you to create a great smokey eye.  

I think the Spirit palette would make a wonderful Christmas gift for somebody its neutral shades means it would suit most age groups and the sturdier packaging makes it seem like an extra special gift.  

Stila have some wonderful Christmas gifts at amazing value, they have teamed up with US Jewellery brand Baublebar to make the ultimate Christmas presents.  Each set contains various classic Stila products along with a piece from Baublebar.  With each set (which are great value) your getting some beautiful makeup along with an accessory.  They really are the perfect Christmas present and are also phenomenal value. Who wouldn't love that?  

Stila Bejewelled €31 
Best of Black €61 

Best of Kitten €57

Glow and Behold €26

Merry and Bright €26

New Years Eve Glam €52

You can pick up the Spirit Palette and Christmas sets from Stila  (although you will have missed shipping), from Harvey Nicks and Stila Counters. Pin It

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