Wednesday, January 8, 2014

I do love a bit of Dual Purpose.

I Know I should really be Redser the one twentieth instead of Redser the half from the serious lack of blogs I contribute but since the lovely ladies of Emerald Eyeliner have not voted me off the island (yet) I decided to do another arts & crafty one.
This time I had an idea for a display/ storage pressie (again for our Mags, she is my muse after all).
So I created a nail polish holder for her.  I know you are probably thinking …eh…big whoop, but bear with me.
Instead of just hanging a lovely piece of artwork on your bedroom wall why not use it as storage as well. I do love multipurpose, and although this is no Swiss army knife, its much prettier. 
Firstly I started with a trip to the wonder that is Ikea to get a magnetic board . I had this idea a while ago but found the costs of magnetic boards quite expensive, so I was delighted when I stumbled across the Spontan Magnetic Board (available in white or silver) for only €12. Although it was reduced the day i was there. 
Then all I needed was some small flat magnets (available from most arts & hobby shops) and a bit of PVA glue and I was sorted.

I started with gluing the magnets to the back of some nail polish bottles- as shown below.

A good glob of PVA glue 
A good glob of dry PVA glue, nice & clear
I used PVA glue because it dries to a clear rubber like substances, so you can be generous with your glob. I tried a few other glues/double sided tape and PVA glue seemed to work best. My spare room was an experiential space for a few days. Leave it to dry overnight so it is complete clear and hard.

Then comes the fun bit, the decoration of the board. The options are endless. It can be as simple or ornate as you like.  You could use a poster of your favourite icon/painting. Even wallpaper.
You could use fabric, like the scarf I used below. Pretty much anything once it is not too thick to hinder the magnets. All pretty much changeable if you get bored with the one look.
Magnetic board with my scarf wrapped around

For Mags though I used a Christmas Window Sticker set. I had to use sparkles for Mags. I just trimmed out the festive baubles and used the swirls.Fear not the baubles did not get wasted, they looked lovely & festive on my living room mirror. Sorry I forgot to take a before picture but here is a photo of the packaging so you get the idea.

Ta-dah  the finished board. 
Or if you are not feeling especially creative you could just leave the board blank and let the nail polish bottles be the design. 

Then its up to you how to arrange your polish bottles…by brand, colour, or just in a way pleasing to your eye. The OCD part of my brain had a field day with this and I may have played with this quite a bit before wrapping it for Mags. Purely quality testing of course. 

Swirly whirly 
Stand to Attention.

Let me know what you think and if you have any inspiring ideas yourselves. 
I do love a bit of Arts & Crafts. 


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