Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Wet and Wild - It's in Ireland now don't ya know

Hi Peeps - so unless you have been living in a bomb shelter hiding from an impending Zombie Apocalypse (ok I might be completely stuck into Annie Wall's books at the moment) you will know by now that the US brand Wet and Wild has hit Dunnes Stores.  That's right while you're doing your weekly shop you can slip in some cosmetics.

Wet and Wild's brand ambassador is Fergie - in America she has limited edition collections, I am not sure if they will be making their way to us but the brand still has plenty to offer.  I have been lucky enough to try some Wet and Wild products over the years and for me the hits are the eye shadows and the blushes. 

The packaging as you can imagine isn't the fanciest known to the makeup world and the description of where you put the shadows can be a bit childish (I'm a grown ass woman, don't you tell me where to put makeup) but lets remember that the eyeshadow trios cost €3.99 and for that you get some soft and pigmented shadow. 

Since I am on a spending ban Sile picked up an eyeshadow trio and a single shadow (single shadows cost €1.99).  The Wet and Wild Stands have testers which is fantastic you can see the quality before you buy.  I am not sure if its all the pink toned eyeshadow hype from the Naked 3 palette but Sile picked out the trio in "I'm Getting Sunburned" and the single in "Nutty". 

Although I personally don't use the applicators in palettes the Wet and Wild palette has a sponge applicator and a tiny brush, a nice option at any price point but especially nice at €3.99 - and really good if you're just starting out with makeup. 

As you can see from the testers in the shop you get soft eyeshadow which is really pigmented.  Below are just one swipe of the shadows, I think you will agree its impressive.

Next up is Nutty, the single shadow - its a staple in most American makeup bags (along with the cream shadow Brulee).  If you like brown/taupe shades this is the shadow for you. 

I thought I would show you one of my much loved Wet and Wild products - the blush in Pearlescent Pink which is a ringer for Nars Orgasm.  I got this when I was in America a couple of years ago and I went straight back and picked one up for my BFF and for Sile. 

So what is I'm Getting Sunburned like on the eyes?  I used the pink over the whole eye with the copper on the lid and the brown as a liner (I'm not one to follow rules even if they are embossed on a shadow).    So although I can't afford the rose gold pink tones of the Naked 3  I am loving the effect of I'm Getting Sumburned.

So will you be putting some Wet and Wild in your shopping basket?  I love the fact I can save my Dunnes points while buying makeup :) Pin It
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