Monday, February 24, 2014

Merumuya Luxury Facial Wash

I have to be honest, sometimes Merumaya Luxury Facial Wash* makes me feel like a bit of a neglectful boyfriend. There it is sitting on my bathroom shelf waiting on me to come home with the woes of the world, calming, patient, reliable.  And what do I do?  I take it for granted, rely on it heavily and I forget to tell you about it.

I adore the concept behind Merumaya products - the range was created by Maleka Dattu who has worked at the top of her field in the beauty industry for many years, working in all the top beauty houses so it's safe to say she knows beauty like nobody else.  What I love about the brand is its integrated approach which uses the best that science has to offer and also the best that nature has to offer - basically giving us superhero skin products.  Who doesn't want that?

When I am being really good I use the Melting Cleansing Balm to remove my makeup - this is amazing. While I have other solid cleansing balms - which are very good - there is a bit of messing about with them, so much so that I had taken to keeping them beside the couch and rubbing them on before I went to wash my face.  This was grand until himself caught me, scooping, melting, rubbing, when I turned to him with a oily covered face he looked at me at what can only be described as a "I could not find you less attractive than I do right now" look which pretty much put an end to that routine.  No such messing with Merumaya Balm, you squeeze the balm from the tube and apply.  No messing.  It removes makeup and leaves the skin feeling soft. For me it doesn't remove all traces of eye makeup but it is so gentle that you can wipe along the eye with no discomfort. 

When my skin is acting up I love to use the Luxury Facial Wash* (€18.50) - in fact I use this by itself in the mornings along with the manual cleansing brush (which makes you feel like you're frothing up your face for a good old shave).    While I had great skin as a teenager as I get older I am getting more and more spots on my chin, they say oily skin is much better for getting older (less wrinkles) but it sure is a pain in the bum when you have a chin full of spots which of course as we are older take ages to go away.    The product is described as having  AC.Net (Merumaya's trademark discovery) for blemishes and pomegranate enzymes to exfoliate and unclog the skin.  While I can not explain the science in great detail I can tell you that when I use the Luxury Facial Wash my skin clears up - when I dont use it I'm spot city. 

Over Christmas between eating ALL THE SWEETS and staying in my parents with no Merumaya my chin broke out quite badly with spots so I decided 2 weeks ago to give up sugar to see if it would help my skin. My skin has improved so much, no new spots have broken out and the Luxury Facial Wash is really getting rid of the ones that were left behind.  It really goes to show what you put into your body reflects on the outside.

If I had one criticism at Merumaya (and this is really trying to find fault) is its packaging is not fancy, but that is because they put all their money into what is inside the packaging and that is absolutely fine with me. When you buy Merumaya you're buying a premium beauty product (with all the research and expertise of premium beauty) at an affordable price.

Merumaya is available from Arnotts and and also from (from what I see you might save a few euro if you shop from Debenhams).  You can also pick up Merumaya products from their website
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