Friday, March 7, 2014

David Beckham - Classic

I have the picture from this press release stuck on the fridge as if David is a member of the family - a very hot but silent member of the family who likes to sit in front of the milk looking broody.  He has been there for months beside pictures of the rest of the family and the funny thing is either himself hasn't noticed or is beginning to think that David is part of the family.

David Beckham (and his "team") knock out great fragrances for men which smell divine but they are also very affordable - I think they make fantastic gifts.  Himself isn't much of an aftershave wearer but he has taken to wearing David Beckham Classic whenever he has done something wrong and is trying to lick up to me.   He is generally more of a man who smells like soap but he seems to know that David Beckham Classic makes me want to snuggle into his neck rather that wring it.

Top Notes:  Gin Tonic Accord, Line, Galbanum
Heart Notes:  Cypress, Nutmet, Freshmint
Dry: Cedarwood, Amber Vetiver

The overall smell is fresh, warm and masculine - who doesn't want to snuggle that.

40ml  €23.96
60ml €29.95 Pin It
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