Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Monika Blunder My Current Instragram and You Tube Obsession

Hands up who doesn't love Rosie Huntington-Whiteley?  I am kinda obsessed with her always perfect makeup and glowy skin.  My latest obsession is following her makeup artist Monika Blunder on Instagram (here) after all it's the makeup artist that creates the look. I love looking at make up artists' Instagrams - you get to see what products they are using and sneaky behind the scenes shots (I am also a huge fan of Sarah Lucero on Instagram (here) so I can see whats coming soon from Stila).  

Monika Blunder also makes You Tube Videos which I have been really enjoying lately - she has been inspiring me with new products and also reminding me old favourites like MAC Patina which I broke out a couple of weeks ago after not using MAC shadows for about 3 years.  The exciting news is her latest video is a recreation of the look she did on Rosie for the Oscars 2014 and I AM OBSESSED.  Monika has a very relaxing voice. I can only dream of her doing my makeup - not only would I look fab but I would be totally chilled out.

Of course I had to try and recreate the Rosie Oscars look which used mostly Laura Mercier makeup, I will race you to the Laura Mercier counter for Plum Orchid Lipstick, it's heading straight to the top of my list.

Of course Rosie's look is always about the skin and apart from my very spotty chin I love that look myself. 

 My only problem is I wish Monika made more videos - maybe if you check her out and subscribe it might encourage her.   Pin It
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