Friday, March 21, 2014

Loreal L'Extraordinaire By Color Riche - Fushia Drama, Tangerine Sonate and Molto Mauve.

I have a current lip product obsession and it is L'Extraordinaire By Color Riche by L'Oreal. Ignore the excessively long name (I didn't actually know what they were called until I went to write the post),  once you try these you will be obsessed too.   I can't actually remember the last time I bought a L'Oreal lip product - for me they are definitely on the higher end of drugstore/chemist makeup so I don't gravitate towards the counter - L'Extraordinaire By Color Riche might change this.  These magic little products have the vibrant colour of a lipstick, with the shine of a gloss and the feel of a balm - interested?  I knew you would be. 

So you can probably tell I got these in Boots as part of their 3 for 2 promotion but once I got them home I had to seriously restrain myself from going back for more from the range (which has 9 colours).  The lipstick/gloss/balms are enriched with oils (lotus flower, argan, camelia seed, rose canina fruit) which make the lips feel hydrated and soft - don't worry the oils don't make the product slide off your lips. 

I went for 2 very bright shades; Tangerine Sonate and Fushia Drama (no brainer I would pick the bright pink).  The first thing you notice when you put these on is how amazing they feel on the lips - your lips feel fantastic.  The product is not sticky - it just feels amazing and makes you want to re apply.  Although they are a gloss/balm the colour lasts quite a while and when the initial gloss wears off there is slight colour left behind.  I want to make clear though THESE ARE NOT A STAIN or a long lasting lip product. My one fault with L'Extraordinaire By Color Riche is I find they have a strong fragrance which at first would catch in the back of my throat.  The product itself feels so good that I have quickly gotten over any annoyance I have with the scent (if you're scent sensitive give the tester a quick sniff).

The gold packaging cleverly shows the shade of the gloss/balm on the side and the bottom so no need for endless rooting.  A word of warning - the packaging feels very light, so light that when I was showing a friend she thought I was showing her an empty product.   The product itself is very lightweight on the lips.  Having recently dug out 14 (14 freaking products) lip products from my handbag I don't mind the lightweight packaging.

My stand out shade and my absolute lip obsession surprisingly enough is the neutral shade Molto Mauve - this makes the lips look amazingly natural and I have had so many compliments when I am wearing this.  Because the product leaves the lips looking glossy and conditioned they look bigger and like glossy pillows.   Molto Mauve gives me the Rosie Huntington Whiteley look without the Burberry price and I am willing to bet it feels nicer than a Burberry Lipstick.

I can't stop raving about the L'Extraordinaire By Color Riche - except I call them the lip gloss/balm things.  I have been showing them to everybody and once you try them you're sucked in.  One of my colleagues arrived in the next day with 3 L'Extraordinaire  of her own.  God they really feel amazing on the lips.

I have to give a little shout out to the very nifty applicator.  The applicator is dainty and clever, it has a slight curve on the bottom side which hugs the bottom lip perfectly, the other side applies product to the top lip. 

L'Extraordinaire By Color Riche cost €13.50 approx - as always with chemist brands keep an eye out for special offers. 
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