Friday, March 28, 2014

Benefit Gimme Brow - it's a bit of a WOW

Eyebrows - I know some people are mad about them but personally I let them get on with their day to day business of keeping sweat out of my eyes without paying any attention to them (I am not really sweaty so my eyebrows have an easy time).  Don't get me wrong I have tried the odd brow product before (even other people's holy grail like MAC Lingering) but generally my brows have a naturally good shape and with brow products there is a lot of faffing about.  First you draw in the brows - then there is toning down what you have drawn, then you have to brush and set the brows generally using different products or brushes .  I don't know about you but that's a whole lot of time in the morning that I just don't have.

When I first saw Benefit Gimme Brow* I thought  ... Meh, as I said I don't really do anything to my brows at all so I am not interested in brow products.  Even when I heard the blurb about Gimme Brow I was disinterested.  

Gimme Brow is hardly Benefit's first foray into the brow world - on my very first visit to a Benefit counter in the late 90s, the first thing the girl did was "fix" my brows with one of their brow products.  At the time I was less knowledgeable about makeup (and knew nothing about brows) but I did know that the end result had me looking a little more like Groucho Marx than any woman (or man) should ever look.  While this end result caused my friend great amusement it also meant that I was never keen on letting anybody near my brows.

A long time has passed since the late 90s (I am old, so very old), times have changed, Benefit has changed... I have not changed (I am like Peter Pan and so are my eyebrows).  So along comes Gimme Brow and I thought - "This product holds no place in my life" but I am holding my hands straight up to say I WAS WRONG.  Gimme Brow (€24.50) comes in 2 shades Light/Medium and Medium/Dark, I have Light/Medium to show you today.  The product is like a baby mascara even down to a baby mascara type wand which applies the product.  The product itself is tinted, with tiny little fibers to help build up the brown (don't worry I was totally creeped out by this at first but you can't really see or feel any fibers).  You basically run the product through your brows and you're left with brows that are long wearing, water resistant and more importantly very natural looking.  When I use Gimme Brow it takes seconds, it's a no muss, no fuss product.

Can you see any tiny fibers?  I can't so don't be creeped out.

As I mentioned before my brows naturally have a good shape so I thought I would use my Mam for the before and after shot.  While Benefit might be quite a young brand I think that Gimme Brow is an ideal product for all ages but especially the more mature lady.  As we get older our brows go grey (how depressing is that?) but they are not an even tone or shade of grey - more like 50 shades of grey - the brow hairs can also get a little coarser and wilder.  While a lot of women get their brows tinted, my Mam has quite allergic skin and breaks out from Stress Dermatitis (you can see a bit of dry skin below her brow) so tinting her brows when her skin is raw is out of the question.  



Excuse the surprised looking arch - it's cause she was literally surprised it took such a short time to apply. There is literally 10 seconds between the before and after pictures.  I used one quick sweep of the wand to define, shape and tame the brows.  That is why I love Gimme Brow, it's so quick and easy to use.  

A Side by Side Before and After:

If you have the time you can of course spend time building up the product and your brows.  I am very impressed by Gimme Brow - it's such an easy product to use and leaves your brows looking groomed but natural looking.

P.S. If you see my Mam don't tell her I have pictures of her on the blog.
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