Friday, May 2, 2014

Stila Magnificent Metals Eye Liner Metallic Black Gold - Spring 2014

This post has taken me ages to write, not because I don't like the products (they are expensive but I do like them), it's because they kinda remind me that I am a big fat failure.  You see a couple of months ago I was on a shopping ban with my lovely pal Karen from Lovelygirliebits, it was for a month, not too much to expect of two grown women. Hmmmm.  Karen broke her ban (she made this kinda hilarious video) and I have to admit I was feeling kinda smug.  I was obviously the less bonkers of the two of us (right?), so grown up and mature (pift) and able to not spend money on makeup for a month.  Until something happened and I felt bad (honestly I can't really remember what happened, which obviously means it wasn't that bad, or that important)  but it was enough for me to head straight to my "Happy Place" - Stila.  So Me + Stila + New Spring Collection = broken spending ban.  And then came the shame, so I have kinda hid this purchase.

Stila's Spring Collection 2014 is all about the liner - literally it's a myriad of different colour liners, new vibrant shades of Stila's brilliant Stay All Day Liners and also a mind blowing amount of new shades of Smudge Sticks.  In addition to these Stila have also introduced Magnificent Metal Eye Liners (in 4 shades).  You might remember that Stila released Magnificent Metal Shadows last year (here)  they were beautiful, if a bit expensive and also required a bit of faffing around to use so it was exciting for me to see Stila had combined the liquid cream combo into one magic sparkly tub the Magnificent Metal Eye Liners.  While the liner version is still expensive (£24.00 or  €31.00 approx - I am a bit shady on the exact price cause of the scurrying away from the counter in shame at not being able to last a month without buying makeup) they are so much easier to use, although when I think of the shade range of Magnificent Metal Liners my mind goes straight to winter and Christmas parties not of Spring. 

The Magnificent Metal Liners come with a brush/applicator (sold separately at £11.50 or €13.50).  I say this is an applicator because it is a double ended "brush" made of rubber, one end for precise lining or for lifting the product from the pan and the other end which looks like a calligraphy pen which you can angle for either a neat thin line or the wide side for a thick line.  I was a little skeptical about this applicator but it applied the liner perfectly along my lid in a very neat line along my lashes.  It doesn't drag on the lids or absorb product. 

Onto Metallic Black Gold - which is exactly that a pretty black/gold colour....  It's softer than a black, a bit fancier but it can also be used as a very pretty liner that I have happily used during the day.  The product is a little wetter than gel liners and feels moist when you press it (ok have to admit I kinda just took that opportunity to use the word MOIST - that's for you Karen, I am here for freak you out).

Here is a light swatch of Black Gold, you can build up the colour but again remember if you're using this over your full lid let the product dry, when it drys its set.  If you don't let it dry ...well, it will not look pretty.

You can see the "brush" applies a darker more intense colour from the liner.

I have been using Black Gold as a narrow liner along the lash line, while you can use the liner in a much thicker line or all over the lid for the perfect rock chick look (did using the term "Rock Chick" make me sound like I am a million years old?).  Personally I don't really have the lid space for either a very thick line or the rock chick look (plus I think my puffy eyes and dark circles don't really suite the whole rock chick vibe) so I have been sticking to the small neat pretty line which I have been applying with ridiculous ease thanks to the #36 Brush/Applicator thing.  (I just press the product along my lash line - simples).

As a very thick line - obviously if you do this you can see more of the gold (and the dark circles so it seems - also seems to make me loo angrier for some reason).

If you work with the thick line you can blend out the liner for a smudged dark sultry look or according to himself "looking like a hooker today are we?" but then you might be better than me at applying this look or pulling it off. 

Stila Magnificent Metal Eye Liners are on the spendy side but they are very pretty - I may have picked up some more things from the Stila Spring Collection which I will show you next week (with no guilt or shame).  According to sources Stila Summer 2014 Collection (which is out in May) will be quite cheeky and I am very excited about it (hint my favourite Stila product in NEW shades). 
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