Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Dior Fluid Stick 551 Aventure

I hold my hands up and admit to all of you that I am a lip product junkie, recently I thought "I'm not going to buy any more lip products til I use one up".  Come on I couldn't do that (although I do promise I will try and use up a product).  When I first spied Dior Addict Fluid Sticks (€34.50) online I got more than a little excited.  Last year I picked up a Dior Addict Be Iconic Lip Gloss (read about it here) it was pretty but I kinda imagined it to have a little more Oomph in fact I kinda thought it would be like Fluid Sticks. 

Dior announce loudly that "This is not a Lipstick" and Fluid Sticks are not lipsticks - they are the wonderful combination of the Colour of a Lipstick with the application of a Lip Gloss.  The colour is wonderfully gloss (not great for windy days + Hair) and leaves the lips with a gel or jelly like look - opaque but kinda clear at the same time (it looks like Jelly mmm Jelly).  I love this look especially for Spring and Summer. 

There are 15 shades in the range but at €34.50 I went for a sensible every day colour (well everyday for me) 551 Aventure which is a bright juicy orangy coral.  I absolutely loved the sales assistant in Boots Liffey Valley, he was so excited by Fluid Sticks I could of happily left with half the collection (he was the perfect mix of showing you the products without pushing them on you).  Unfortunately these bad boys cost €34.50 (which I really had no business spending on makeup - but what are you gonna do?) so I left with 1 (and have my eye on a few more).
The packaging is just so stinking cute... look ... the tube looks like a lipstick but it opens up to reveal the wand of a gloss (so your perfect lipstick shape is never destroyed).  A lot of brands have been bringing out similar products (Like the L'Extrodinare by Loreal which I am a fan of) but Dior have perfected the look.  While you get the colour and punch of a lipstick, its glossy like a gloss but also almost like a gel.  The texture of the product is a little unusual - when you first apply the product you can feel it like a gel on your lips, this sensation quickly fades and your left with beautiful colour. 

When I was swatching the glosses and picking out my colour I was left with a slight rainbow stain on my hand, I wouldn't consider these particularly long lasting but they wear off beautifully. The gloss gently fades leaving your lips looking naturally juicy and petty.

Excuse the smug face here, don't I just look so happy with myself and my fab dabby lipstick,  officially I LOVE FLUID STICKS.  I am currently saving my Boots points for my next one (it would be rude not to get a slag pink one).  By the way I am wearing Bourjois 1 Second Mascara here its FREAKING FANTASTIC - I have no lashes and it makes my lashes look long and amazing I can not be without it, best mascara I have tried in AGES.
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