Thursday, July 10, 2014

MAC Lipsticks - Syrup and Kelly Yum Yum

I don't really pay attention to MAC's collections they pass me by in a whizz.  I am not a huge MAC fan - there are plenty of other brands out there - but every once in a while a colour will grab my attention (and they always seem to be limited edition shades).   A few years ago (cant remember what collection or year sorry) MAC released Candy Yum Yum which was a pretty intense matt pink, this was before the market was flooded with hyper shades of lipstick.  I loved the shade but found the lipstick very difficult to work with (especially with my dry lips) and always applied a little clear gloss on top to make it more wearable.  Its a stunning shade but a pain to work with.

Recently MAC released the Osbourne Collection and I spied with my little eye the shade Kelly Yum Yum which is Candy Yum Yum's satin finish sister.  I thought it was my duty of care to find it a home.  I also had 6 empty MAC products (well 5 empty and 1 rancid lip gloss) so I decided to do a Back to MAC.  After much swatching and discovering that you cant Back to Mac Limited edition lipstick (higher price on limited edition packaging I am assuming) - I went for the shade Syrup which is a your lips but better kinda shade. (Very Rosie Huntington-Whiteley) The shade was in the back of my head and it wasn't until later that day when I met the lovely Karen from Lovely Girlie Bits I realised she had picked it up the week previously and planted the seed in my brain.

Two very different shades and both very lovely.

Kelly Yum Yum is so much easier and forgiving to wear on the lips.

Syrup is a simple and pretty shade.

Have you picked up any good MAC Lipsticks recently?  What are your shade recommendations for Back to MAC?  ( I am pretty sure I have a few more rancid lip glosses floating around).

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