Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Dior Addict Fluid Stick 575 Wonderland

I kinda knew when I picked up the Dior Fluid Stick in Aventure (here) that I would be back for another fluid stick.  I was very mature and grown up and decided that I was going to wait until I save the points on my Boots card.  Dior Fluid Sticks are a beautiful lip product, they are the colour of a lipstick, the application of a gloss and the feel of a balmy gloss but the down side is they are €34.50  (ouch).  When I discovered I had enough money on my Boots card it took me about 7 seconds to head straight for the Dior Counter in Liffey Valley (fast becoming a dangerous place due to the very lovely Makeup Artist who works there) and picked myself up the number 575 Wonderland.

As you can see the packaging is adorable - it looks like a lipstick even thought its a gloss, the consistency of the product is almost gel like, leaving your lips with a glossy high shine finish which I adore.

Fluid Sticks do not stain your lips, they gently wear off leaving such a pretty look to your lips.  I love everything about them (except the price).

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