Monday, August 11, 2014

stila summer 2014

Can you believe my wonderful Stila Cosmetics is 20 years old this year?  I might not have been a fan for the full 20 years (how old do you think I am) but I am pretty close.  I first came across Stila in Nue Blue Eriu (remember that place? it was brilliant) which was kind of like Space NK before we had a Space NK.   Soon enough they moved to Brown Thomas where I spent many a happy makeover learning tips and tricks and of course creating a pretty awesome Stila collection.  

To celebrate their 20 years Stila's Summer Collection is a lovely nod back to their vintage packaging, round eyeshadow trios and cheek duos in the cutest packaging you will see all year.  This collection really brings me back to some old Stila Collections. 
To help me show you these adorable pots I thought I would display them on my Stila makeup box that my bestie made for me (see how she did it here).  Earlier this year I had the amazing opportunity to meet Stila's head makeup artist Sarah Lucero who very kindly signed my Stila Box - I turned into a socially awkward mime artist in her presence -. 
The eye shadows and cheek colours all have reference to Ice creams and ice pops.  The shadow trios come in three shades.

On the inside of each box is a quote by Sarah Lucero - this is a Stila staple, the inside of all their products have interesting and inspiring quotes.  All of Stila's eye shadows can be used wet or dry, to be honest with you these are so soft and pigmented I have found no reason to wet the shadows for a more intense colour.  All the shadows in these trios are buttery soft and pigmented, absolutely amazing quality.
First up is Neapolitan which is the softest of the trios, while the 2 light shades are very pretty its the brown shade which stands out to me.  I had kinda forgot what an amazing job Stila do with brown eye shadows.  Years ago younger Mags would have skipped happily past the rich and pretty browns and gone for the most out there shades - older Mags has a few wrinkles and appreciates how these neutral shades compliment the eyes.  Stila have a stunning eye shadow shade called Golightly which everybody should have in their collection.

Next up is Rocky Road - big fan of the flavour and HUGE FAN of the shadow trio, the taupe shade is simply stunning.  I am obsessed with this trio. 

Mocha Chip is a prefect trio of browns - if your heading away for a weekend or a holiday this is all you would need to take away with you (although personally I wouldn't want to leave Rocky Road at home cause I am obsessed with it).  I have been using the darkest shade from each of the trios as a liner (with a smudge brush) they create a beautiful line which lasts all day (even through these humid days).
Next up we have the beautiful cheek duos which have both a blush and a shimmering bronzer.  These duos are so handy.  A huge mistake I make during the summer is just applying bronzer and forgetting about the blush - this can leave your face a bit flat and missing something.  The cheek colour doesn't swatch very well on the back of the hand but apply's beautifully on the face and leaves the cheeks with a natural glow.  The bronzer is a shimmery bronzer but you don't look like Disco Stu.  There is a peach cheek colour Creamsicle and a pink cheek colour Strawberry Cream Pop.  Both are very pretty but my favourite of the two would be the peachy Creamsicle.

If your a fan of contouring or of matt bronzers Stila are really treating us with their new Stay All Day Bronzer.  The powder comes in 3 shades Light, Medium and Dark.  I adore the packaging on this I feel like I can take it in my handbag without fear of it breaking unlike some other bronzer packaging (Chanel Les Beiges I am looking at you).  The packaging also has a mirror so perfect for on the go - although I didn't find that I had to reapply the product. 

When Stila say this is a "Stay All Day" product they are not lying, this bronzer stayed on my greasy forehead through heat and through sweat (sorry this Stila girl is only human).  The powder is water resistant and the shades are build able and easy to buff into the skin.  They also make perfect contour powders.  I found I have been reaching for the shade Medium the most, I think the shades Light and Medium would suit most Irish skin tones.  The powder doesn't look muddy when applied and stays that way thought the day.  I was expecting my forehead to be a blotchy mess at the end of the day but it looked like it had when I first applied the powder. 

As with most collections Stila have released 2 trios of their famous Lip Glazes.  If you haven't tried a Stila Lip Glaze...what are you waiting for, these glosses leave a bright glossy sheen to the lips (colour depends on the colour of the gloss) they smell amazing and kinda taste amazing too.  I remember my very first lip glaze, my friend borrowed it and accidentally squirted out half the product, I nearly had heart failure.  Don't worry we are still friends (I just don't let her near my Stila).

Stila eyeshadow Trios cost £18.00, the Cheek Duos £16.00, the Stay All Day Bronzers £18.00 and the lip Glaze trios £12.00.  You can buy Stila from, Cara Pharamacy, Harvey Nicks Dundrum, online from Brown Thomas and also at their fab new counter in Sam McCauleys Fairgreen. 
Here are some of my vintage Stila eye shadows.  So Pretty.  I am a huge fan of Summer Makeup Collections, its the time of year when I generally go a bit bonkers spending money.  I have to honestly say that Stila's Summer Collection is so pretty and such amazing quality I havent really bought any makeup from other brands this summer.  Every time I go to apply my Stila Summer I have a big smile on my face.  If you see me I am wearing Stila's Summer Collection.  I would Highly recommend picking some of the items from this collection my tops picks would be the eye shadow trios in Rocky Road and Mocha Chip and a Stay All Day Bronzer.

Stila Cosmetics will be doing a bit of growing up later this year (I will be doing a bit of growing up myself this year).   I will miss if they get rid of the Stila Girls, after all I am a Stila Girl.  I am a huge fan of how they change their packaging I think it suites a woman's ever changing moods and lifestyle, sometimes we want cute and girly , sometimes sleek and sophisticated.  I am quite excited to see that Stila will have a fab new Mascara the Mile High Lashes Mascara launching later this year.  In all my years being a Stila fan I haven't had a Stila Mascara that I love (although my bestie who is a red head used to be obsessed about a grey mascara they had a few years ago, sounds weird I know but the grey made her long but very fair lashes look amazing and not fake like black mascara would have).  So I am excited to see what Stila has to bring us in the future.
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