Monday, August 25, 2014

Nars Eye Shadow Duo in Kauai

Nars Eye Shadows and me have a bit of a Love/Hate relationship.  Some of them are flipping amazing, butter soft, pigmented pots of joy and others... lets just say they are a miss.  I picked up the stunning duo in Kauai which is part of the Spring 2014 Collection.  I love how buttery, soft with almost a metallic glint the shadows have.  The other duo in the collection China Seas was also very pretty but again was one of those duos that didn't swatch as well and came out patchy.  

Kauai really is one of those duos that when you swatch makes you go OOOOO BUTTERY.  The Old Gold shade is simple and stunning.  I hadn't bought anything from Nars for quite a while but this little duo restored my faith in the brand.  Nars eye shadow duos cost €34.00 you really need to swatch them to see if they are one of their "Stunning duos" or one of their "Looks pretty in the pan but doesn't quite work Duos".   I would also advice you to mind your Nars products, they are delicate little creatures, if you drop them they will shatter.  I have had a few Nars products kamikaze off my counter and they have not lived to tell the tale (I also had a blush which fell about 2 inches and it also shattered.  Remember TREAT WITH CARE. 

I have picked up one of Nars new Dual Intensity Shadows and it is beautiful - ill be sharing that with you soon.

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