Thursday, September 18, 2014

Stila Convertible Color

Since I am Stila's number one fan people ask me "What is your favourite Stila Product?"  For me its like asking what is your favourite child, as we all know secretly every parent has a favourite child (even if they don't like to admit it) and for me Convertible Colors have always held a strong place in my heart.  Adorably cute, dependable and flattering its hard not to love Convertible Colors.  Convertible Colors are one of Stila's hero products, created to be used on both the lips and cheeks (hence the name convertible) there is a reason why these have been winning beauty awards for the past 20 years. 
The outside of each compact corresponds to the colour of the product, making each compact not only adorable (come on how cute are they?) but also very easy to pick a shade at a glance.  To add to the cuteness each shade is named after a flower.  Much to my delight Stila have added 5 new shades to the range. 

So Stila won my heart with cute packaging but what I love most about Convertible Colors are how versatile they are.  You can use them on your cheeks and your lips, and you can achieve a very different look depending on how you apply the product.  When I apply to my cheeks I like to use my ring finger in a soft tapping motion to blend out the product.  When applying to the lips you can also apply using your ring finger for a light wash of colour or you can use a lip brush for fuller coverage.  If you fancy a glossier finish you can top of your lips with some of Stila's Lip Glaze.
Traditionally I have mostly used Convertible Colors on my cheeks, this is because my lips tend to be dry but also because personally I prefer a brighter lip.  The new shade range is vibrant and pretty and pretty much offers something for everybody. 

Perfect bright shades Sweetpea and Hibiscus

For me Peach Blossom makes the perfect handbag stable, its the right amount of colour for the cheeks and a perfect shade for the lips.  Personally I don't like to carry around a lot of makeup (otherwise I tend to get carried away and end up with a suitcase rather than a handbag) so for me Peach Blossom can liven up your face while fitting in with most makeup looks.

Sweetpea, Hibiscus, Peach Blossom.
If your looking for something a little bolder and vampy Stila have you covered with the delicious Tulip and Dahlia.  As I mentioned you can apply these lightly on the lips using your ring finger or you can achieve fuller coverage by using a lip brush.

Tulip and  the vampy Dahlia.

All my pretty shades :)

For the Summer Stila have released a limited edition Convertible Color duo which has both a bronzing and highlighting shade.  Marigold has a intensely pigmented brown shade for bronzing/contouring and a light shade for highlighting.

Looking very smug wearing Sweetpea on both my cheeks and tapped onto my lips. 

I think there is something very simple and chic about matching the cheeks and the lips, it creates a simple and flattering look.  I am not quite sure what my favorite new shade is - every day it changes - but I have mostly been reaching for Sweet-pea, Hibiscus and Peach Blossom.  I am sure that in the Autumn I will be wearing the shades Tulip and Dahlia all the time.  Stila never fail to let me down, they have reinvented their classic Convertible Colors with some pretty amazing new shades. 

You can buy the whole range shade range of Convertible Colors (15 Beautiful shades) from and a selection of shades from the Stila Harvey Nicks Counter, Cara Pharmacy, Brown Thomas online and selected Sam McCauley Pharmacies.
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