Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Rimmel Provocalips

As you know I love a vibrant lip colour my favourites are hot pink (and red coming into the winter)  its great when vibrant shades are long lasting and Rimmel Provocalips* the answer to our lipstick prayers.  

There are 8 shades in the range (I have 7 here) and cost €8.49.  One end of the product has a liquid lipstick, which is vibrant and intense after one swipe.  The other end has a clear top coat which seals the product on the lips, making it more comfortable with a shine.  Since its a long lasting lip product (and boy its long lasting) the lipstick colour has a slight tackiness (which goes away when you apply the topcoat) .  Rimmel say to just re apply the topcoat/gloss during the day - there really is no need to reapply the colour.  

It really is long lasting, staying on my lips over drinks and lunch - in fact you really have to remove Provocalips at the end of the day.  I have dry lips and found Provocalips very comfortable to wear.  I have of course been wearing the bright pink shade Little Minx (A LOT) and have gotten tons of compliments on it.  Sometimes when I wear bright lip products after eating or drinking I am let with very little product and a lip line of pink (embarrassing when your lip product is hella hot pink) Provocalips last and last.  After food I like to apply the topcoat.gloss to freshen the look.

From top to bottom: Make Your Move, Kiss Me You Fool, Play with Fire, Kiss Fatal, Ill Call You, Little Minx, Dare to Pink.
From left to right : Make Your Move, Kiss Me You Fool, Play with Fire, Kiss Fatal, Ill Call You, Little Minx, Dare to Pink.
Make Your Move - looks brown in the tube - I initially thought it would be a bit meh but it looks beautiful on the lips

Kiss Me You Fool - boom - you want red? you got a fantastic red.

Play with Fire,

Kiss Fatal,

Ill Call You - perfect everyday shade.

Little Minx - ahh you were always going to be my favourite, such a pretty hot pink shade

 Dare to Pink - my least favourite shade a milky, nude pink.

Rimmel Provocalips will be out on the 6th October.  If you like pink you have to check out Little Minx.  I am a huge fan of Provocalips they feel great on the lips (after you apply the gloss), last for ages and come in amazing colours.  What shades would you pick up? Pin It
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