Thursday, October 2, 2014

Charlotte Tilbury

Charlotte Tilbury knows the transforming effects of makeup - as the worlds No 1 makeup artist you would assume she knows its endless possibilities, Charlotte's fascination with makeup started when she was 13 and discovered mascara.   Charlotte found that people reacted to her differently, not just people it seemed like EVERYBODY had an opinion or a reaction to her.  Her fascination developed further and when she was old enough she began working in the makeup industry helping Mary Greenwell.  

Charlotte learned her trade at the end of the era of the Supermodel,  Charlotte has spent her career working with the top models and actresses in the world, they hold her in high esteem not just because of her makeup skills but also because she treated the tired models to hand massages and facials during fashion weeks when they would normally be rushing from one show to the next.  Charlotte developed her famous "Magic Cream" which she used to sooth tired models skins - the name developed all by itself because of the magic effects it had on tired skin.  Magic Cream is so famous in beauty circles Charlotte was offered the opportunity to sell the formula, but Charlotte doesn't work like that, she had her own vision to bring beauty to the everyday woman making their lives a little more glamorous in the process. 

Charlotte has worked with many makeup houses to develop collections and products, most notably the Tom Ford Makeup line.  Charlotte has used this knowledge and perfected it to create Charlotte Tilbury Beauty one of the prettiest makeup collections I have ever seen. 

Charlotte is passionate about makeup something that you can see clearly on her youtube channel (youtube), she is passionate about women getting the best from their makeup.  Charlotte doesn't believe that makeup should be difficult, it should be something that every woman should be able to achieve. 

I recently went to a launch of the new and quite frankly fantastic Charlotte Tilbury counter which is front and centre in Brown Thomas new beauty hall.  Myself and Karen from Lovely Girlie Bits (check out her amazing video on Charlotte Tilbury Products) could not contain our excitement, its one thing looking at a brand that looks as stunning as Charlotte's range, its another to find the products are amazing quality.  We went, we saw, we swatched - we knew we were in big trouble THE RANGE IS STUNNING.
I got two products to try at the launch one of Charlotte's K.I.S.S.I.NG Lipsticks in the shade Velvet Underground.  The lipsticks are vintage glamour they look like they could come straight out of Marilyn Monroe's Makeup Bag.  Rose gold metal housing a stunning hot pink lipstick (a very me colour I think you will agree).  The lipsticks feel amazing on the lips.  Charlotte has created a range with quite a few nude lipsticks, something that I would normally avoid but the shade Bitch Perfect (a pinky nude)  is just perfection and something that WILL be mine when it comes back into stock (it has been sold out in Brown Thomas for weeks) ITS BACK IN STOCK PEEPS AND I BOUGHT ONE.  These lipsticks are glorious, stunning design and feel fantastic. 
Charlotte's You Tube videos should come with a warning "Do not watch late at night, the excitement will get to you, you will not sleep"  I overdosed looking at her videos the weekend before the launch and was so excited I couldn't sleep.  Her tutorials show how she simply applies makeup, describing it in easy terms,  she has also created her makeup line with an easy approach.  Colour Chameleon's have been created to take the guess work out of eye makeup each pencil is created to enhance specific eye colour.  Charlotte of course doesn't believe in rules and any colour can be used with any eye colour.  When I saw the shade Amber Haze I got really excited because its the shade she used on Victoria Beckham

These easy to use eye shadow sticks apply beautifully to the eye and are easy to blend.  Unlike most shadow sticks or similar products they stay put all day - that's saying something with my oily lids-.  even though I don't have brown eyes Amber Haze seems to make my eyes pop, it makes my eyes seem whiter and brighter. If its good enough for Victoria Beckham its good enough for me. 

Charlotte Tilbury is pure luxury, it makes me feel so fancy.

I cant get over how bright my eyes look, I have been so very tired lately and Amber Haze fools the world into thinking I have been getting a proper nights sleep.

Charlotte has created 10 signature makeup looks making her range easy to use and pick from (I have picked up the Dolce Vita Kit) she has basically created a capsule makeup wardrobe (Uptown Girl is next on my list).    If you look on her site or at the counter Charlotte has used the same model for the 10 looks - its hard to believe the transformation.

Charlotte Tilbury Beauty is a luxury makeup range, for the luxury price tag you are getting a luxury product housed in glorious packaging.  Its really hard not to become obsessed with the brand.  Every time I walk into Brown Thomas I have made a Charlotte Tilbury purchase, in fact I have pretty much ignored the rest of the beauty hall when I am in there.  I have picked up plenty of products which I will be reviewing over the next few weeks, in short I love them all and my list keeps growing.  Its fair to say that I am Charlotte Tilbury OBSESSED.

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