Thursday, November 13, 2014

I have been shopping again - Please stop me from going into Space NK

I am beginning to think I need some form of intervention, you know when you should have a sensible head on your shoulders and save a few bob but you cant seen to stop yourself from buying ALL THE NICE THINGS.  I have no excuse, I am supposed to be saving.  If you see me approaching a cash register with makeup please stop me.  

First up is the Lorac Mega Pro Palette, I have the Pro to Go which I got in America last year.  I really like it.  The Mega Pro Palette was released via Lorac's site and on Amazon and after missing the first batch I snapped it up the moment I saw it go online again.  Considering it was coming from America it arrived very quickly.  I haven't had much a of a chance to play with the Palette - it turns out I only have 2 eye balls.  From what I have used the shadows are soft, buttery and very pigmented.  The top 2 rows are all Matt colours - I usually hate Matt shades but these seem great - and the bottom 2 rows are shimmers/glitters.  

Next I took a trip to Space NK on Grafton Street, all under the guise that I had €5.00 on my Indulge Loyalty card to spend.  They had new products in for Christmas, I am a sucker for new things.   Did you know that if you want something that is online in Space NK they can order it for you in the shop in Grafton Street and it should be there within 4 days,  they are working on a click and collect service which is a little exciting.  The staff in Space NK Grafton Street are beyond helpful and knowledgeable.

Even though I am a huge fan of Kevyn Aucoin's books I don't own any of his makeup so when I saw The Look Book Essential Glamour Palette (€47.00) I picked it up.  

The palette is like a small leather bound book and features 4 eye shadows, 2 cheek colours and 2 lip colours.  The shades are designed to create either a natural or a dramatic look.  To be honest with you I kinda have the guilts for buying this, I haven't used it because part of me is thinking that it will make a wonderful Christmas present (and that will ease the guilts).  Has anybody tried Kevyn Aucoin products?

I don't exactly have buyers remorse, I do have buyers guilt. I am thinking who else will appreciate this as much as me ?

I think By Terry is such a pretty range.  Honestly I approached the til with a new By Terry Lip lacquer but it rang up for €43.00 which I thought was cray cray and I left it behind (see I can be sensible on the rare occasion).  The moment I swatched the Color Eye Pencil in  Neo Indigo I knew it had to be mine (as long as it wasn't mad money.... it cost €25.00 which was good because the makeup endorphin had been release).

It is exactly what is says on the side a neon Indigo liner unlike anything I have ever seen, it manages to be bold and just a bit subtle at the same time (well as subtle as Indigo eye liner can be).  I have been quite impressed that it lasts all day on the eye lids.  The pencil comes with a sharpener but in reality if your paying €25.00 for a product that needs sharpening it should come with a sharpener.  This liner does last all day but if your going out in the evening you may need to top it up for extra impact.  The liner almost looks like different shades depending on the light that your in.  Its really stunning.

BOOM isnt that a beautiful shade? If your thinking "Where would I wear it?"  I wear it to work on a Tuesday, but thats just how I roll.
I had gone to Brown Thomas to get a Nars Audacious Lipstick, I left with a little something from the Christmas Collection the eye shadow in the shade Canberra.  I have a bit of a Love/Hate relationship with some of Nars eye shadows, I fall in love with some of the shades and they just don't look the same when swatched or applied (I am looking at you Night Series).  I saw Canberra (€25.00) I swatched, it was good, so I bought and went home happy.  

I must be having some kind of Indigo/purple mid life crisis - two purchased of similar shade on the same day.  Canberra is a very pretty shade and I have been loving wearing both this and the By Terry liner together.  The By Terry liner is so vivid it almost leaves Canberra looking like a muted grey/navy/purple.

Swatched together - sure dont they make great friends.

I am usually all about the vivid lip but for some reason I have been incorporating a more subtle lip into my range so this is a great eye look to go with it - if I was to wear the two together I might start to look like the Donatella Muppet.

My Final purchase (which was actually my first) is the Nars Audacious Lipstick in Brigitte.  I had tried to get this rosey/nude shade before but it was out of stock in Brown Thomas so I was delighted to get my hands on it.  The range in BT has 30 shades so its a little overwhelming trying to pick just one.  The packaging is lovely and has a magnetic closure for €30.00 your lipstick needs to be pretty, functional with great packaging.  Audacious lipsticks do just this.  I prefer the packaging of the Charlotte Tilbury Lipsticks which also cost €30.00 but I think the formula of Nars pips Charlotte's lipsticks (I reserve the right to change my mind).  

This is without showing you a new palette that I have bought from Stila - soon my pretties, it is fab, or my Charlotte Tilbury purchases.  If your looking for me I will be busking on Grafton Street.... Will sing out of key for makeup.  
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