Friday, November 14, 2014

Narciso by Narciso Rodriguez

Scent is a funny thing, it can instantly bring us back to a different time and place and fill us with memories.  I never thought that I was a "Perfume Person"  I get a lot of my knowledge from the beautiful Andreea (Artdonatella who is my go to info source on perfume) when I first heard about Narciso* the new fragrance by Narciso Rodriguez I was brought back to when I first smelt Narciso Rodriguez For Her.  I was wandering around Brown Thomas when somebody offered me a sample on some grosgrain ribbon (the ribbon should have been an indication of how special the fragrance was). I took it and wandered past the perfume to the "Good Part" of the beauty hall (where all the makeup lives.   I was looking at the makeup while absently minded sniffed the ribbon.  HOLD ON A SECOND.  I spent the next week sniffing the ribbon trying to inhale as much of the fragrance as I could, the next weekend I marched back to Brown Thomas to make For Her my own.  

I wore For Her for a long time (I went through 2 bottles), in fact the only reason I stopped wearing it was because somebody I knew began to wear it.  You know when your signature scent is worn by somebody you see quite often it takes away from its uniqueness.

Narciso Ridriguez has a new fragrance called Narciso and the moment I sniffed it I fell more than an little in love.   Narciso is a very unusual fragrance, for me it manages to be warm and soft without being an insipid fragrance which is gone in 5 minutes.  If you look at the bottle you can imagine what the fragrance is like.... its strong (but not overpowering) yet feminine, comforting yet sexy.  Classy yet warm.  
I suppose its the mix of notes which makes this fragrance a floral musk but it manages to do this in a very soft and feminine way.  I am usually not a fan of anything floral and Narciso has floral notes but they are not over whelming.  There is almost a soft powdery vibe to the fragrance.  

Top Notes: Gardinia and White Rose
Middle Notes: Musk
Base Notes: Vetiver,White Cedar Extract, Cedar

I love that Narciso manages to be soft yet noticeable,  whenever I wear this (which is ALL THE TIME) people comment on it.  When I wore it into work one of my colleagues took herself straight to Boots to get a sample.  I photographed Narciso on a fur blanket because that's how I feel when I am wearing it, like I am being engulfed in a big soft, sexy, warm hug.  I usually mix up my fragrances for winter but I think Narciso will be my classic round the year fragrance.  

Narciso costs 50ml €79 for 50ml and €99 for 90ml.  I imagine that it will be a big hit this Christmas. If you have somebody in your life who is a fragrance fanatic and is looking for something a little different and classy this is definitely the scent for them.   I urge you to smell Narciso - although If I am being honest I kinda want to keep this fragrance all to myself.  
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