Sunday, December 21, 2014

Jimmy Choo Man - Jimmy Choo for Men

Jimmy Choo's fragrance for women has been a great success over the last number of years, women have loved a taste of Jimmy Choo in their lives without the hefty price tag of the shoes (we can dream).  Jimmy Choo Woman is a very popular mass market fragrance which is sweet enough to capture a young audience but also classic enough to be appreciated and lusted after by all ages.  It has even spawned a number of seasonal limited editions.

Its a bit of a no brainer for Jimmy Choo to release a male fragrance - simply called Jimmy Choo Man*

Notes: Pink Pepper, Pineapple Leaf, Melon, Lavender, Suede and Patchouli

As you can see from the notes it has a lot of fresh and fruity ingredients as well as musky notes.  The mix of notes mean that like its female counterpart it will be a very popular fragrance for men of all ages, not particularly suiting a specific age.  The fragrance will have mass appeal and I can see it being a big seller this Christmas.  Jimmy Choo Man is a scent of mass appeal, if your looking for a gift for a man in your life, be it a father, husband, brother or nephew it will be perfect. 

The "Face" of Jimmy Choo Man is Game of Thrones star Kit Harrington better known as John Snow.  I think he is the perfect face of the fragrance, like the scent Game of Thrones has a wide and varied fan base.  If your a fan of the show you will know that John Snow/Kit Harrington is the moral compass of the show but is also manly and very hot (although if reports are to be believed he is a little short)  so you can understand the vibe the scent is going for manly yet sensitive. 

Jimmy Choo Man is our now and would make a perfect Christmas Gift 50ml €55.00 100ml €77

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