Monday, December 22, 2014

Katy Perry Royal Revolution

I recently read that celebrity fragrances are outselling other fragrances 3 to 1.  Could it be the recession making us save our pennies with a more affordable alternative or is it more likely that celebrity fragrances are getting better?  Personally I think it's a bit of both.  I think celebrity fragrances are not as long lasting as perfumes from the main perfume houses but then again they generally cost less than a third of the price.  While Celebrity fragrances have generally been aimed towards the teens they are currently taking on a more mature and sophisticated nose.  

One of our favourite recent Celebrity Perfume releases has been Katy Perry Royal Revolution.  I will hold my hands up and say I LOVE KATY PERRY she just seems like she could be your friend, a friend who would always have lipstick (and quite possibly be an expert at applying false eye lashes).  

While a lot of Pop Star fragrances tend to smack you in the face with sugary sweetness Royal Revolution is a scent that is a little different.  Its not a fragrance that you would immediately think "CELEBRITY FRAGRANCE" its unusual while also being very wearable.  

Top Notes: Pink Freesia, Pomegranate

Middle Notes: Sandalwood, Orange Flower, Jasmine Petals

Base Notes: Black Thorn, Skin Musk, Vanilla Orchid

As I mentioned earlier I as is the case with most celebrity fragrances it is not the most long lasting scent but the bottle  (which is designed to look like a sapphire) is a great talking piece if your a fan of whipping out your perfume to reapply during the day.

Royal Revolution would make a wonderful Christmas gift and because its not overly sweet you have more gifting options.  Christmas is a great time to pick up fragrances as you tend to be able to get them on special offer or in gift sets.

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Christmas Gifts - Bath and Body

If I am being honest a few years ago I would turn my nose up at Bath and Body Christmas gifts, I am not sure if the quality has improved over the years or because I have to buy my own shower gels etc I am beginning to appreciate what a handy gift they are.

My favourite bath and body brand is Philosophy.  Philosophy is a brand that has both classic fragrances like Amazing Grace - it such a clean and classic scent, in fact I love it so much I keep a bottle of it in my locker in work.  It light and easily mixes if your wearing other scents but it is also clean and refreshing for a refreshing spritz during the day.  While I love the classic scent offerings from Philosophy I am more than a little obsessed with their quirky fun seasonal fragrances.  Philosophy are the Willy Wonka of Bath brands.  They come up with amazing fun and delicious scents.  Best of all Cinnamon Buns actually smell like Cinnamon Buns, Christmas Cookies actually smell like Christmas Cookies.  You can use Philosophy's 3 in 1 products as bubble bath, shower gel and shampoo GENIUS.  To add to the cuteness Philosophy have added recipes to the side of the bottles (so the bottle for Cinnamon Buns has the recipe for Cinnamon Buns on the side) adorable and delicious.  Philosophy always make Christmas SMELL like the most wonderful time of the year. 

 Philosophy's Classic 3 in 1 in a selection of fragrances cost €17.80

 Philosophy Classics €27.90

Cocoa Brown - What an amazing brand, not only do they produce wonderful products they are also wildly affordable.  So much so this Bronzed and Beautiful Kit *costs €9.99 from Penney's.

Cocoa Brown also have a Luxury Gift Set Available from Tesco's which is now only €13.33.  You can pick it up along with your Christmas Turkey, convenient and affordable.

These gift sets are great value if your picking it up for yourself to top up your Christmas Glow.  For the past couple of years (hard to believe that Cocoa Brown is only 2 years old) I have been picking up Cocoa Brown products and sending them to my Cousin in America who is also obsessed.  Cocoa Brown will be launching soon in Rickys in America but if you need your hit of Cocoa Brown sooner rather than later  Cloud 10 Beauty ship internationally.

I adore the scent range of Philosophy but I can appreciate that some people might prefer a more classic scent and Nivea Gorgeous Beautiful Skin  €12.50* is a perfect gift.  Housed in a beautiful pink bag the kit contains a Roll On Deodorant (not sexy but it is an essential), a shower puff, a moisturising cream, and a delicious sounding Waterlily and Oil shower gel.

Of course if you want to inject a little festive cheer into somebody's life you cant go wrong with something from Yankee Candle, I find it impossible to choose a favourite scent so this mini selection is perfect.

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