Thursday, January 29, 2015

Stila Convertible Color Lotus

We all know that I am Stila's No.1 Fan, I just love the brand and the products and I have a particularly big place in my heart for Stila's award winning Convertible Color's.  My Stila obsession means that I really had to collect all the available shades of Convertible Colour the last on my list was the shade Lotus. 
For many years Convertible Color's have been a standout Stila product and have won many awards, there is a reason they are beauty editors favourite product.  THEY ARE FANTASTIC.  Convertible Colors are a dual lip and cheek cream.... and they do exactly what is said on the box.  You can use the product on your lips and on your cheeks.  All the shades are named after flowers and the outside packaging reflects the shade of the product (making it really easy to grab the shade your after, in addition to them looking adorable). 

To apply the product I like to tap onto my cheeks and lips using my ring finger - although you can use a brush or makeup sponge.  The product leaves a pretty sheen to your cheeks, I tend to use it more during the summer (but that's generally because my skin behaves itself better during the spring/summer).  For many years I only used Convertible Colors on my cheeks but I have started to use them on my lips too (I don't know why I forgot to use them on my lips).  If I want an added bit of sheen I add some Stila Lip Glaze on top. 

Lotus is the perfect shade if your looking for that 90ies lip - you can use the product lightly on the lips patting on with your ring finger for a light wash of colour, or you can go in with a lip brush for more intense lip.

As you can see the product applies beautifully to the lips and is not drying - I find products that are supposed to work on the lips and cheeks tend to only work on one area, Convertible Colors work happily on the cheeks and the lips.

Convertible Colors are one of my handbag must haves, they are such a clever product.  You can just bring out a Convertible Color and have your makeup for your lips and cheeks along with a handy mirror (in adorable packaging) to apply it.  Convertible Colors are one of the reasons I love Stila,  I might love makeup but at heart I am a very low maintenance kinda gal and Stila allows me to look put together very easily.  Laid back and low maintenance beauty. 

You can buy Stila from the counter in Harvey Nicks Dublin, Cara Pharmacy, M & S Beauty Hall Mary Street.  For a full collection of products you can visit  of course if you wanted to visit a museum of Stila you could visit my house where I like to collect all things Stila.
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  1. I love a multi use product & these Stila Convertible Colours sound wonderful. You bought a very pretty shade

  2. Oh that's a nice colour, not too dark or too bright! x

  3. I just got the Peony one can't wait to try it out!


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