Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Littlewoods 20% off

Who fancies a quick update to their Spring Wardrobe?  EVERYBODY

Fancy that spring update with 20% off?

I love Spring and Summer clothes, I always feel a bit of freedom shedding the winter layers and putting on bright clothes.  Littlewoods are offering 20% off when you spend €50.00 or more.  Very tempting.  Its still a bit chill out there so I have been loving this Kimono Sleeved Edge Cardi (€35).  Its light but cosy and stylish and easy to throw on.  I have been wearing it with khaki trousers and a plain black top.

I am a huge fan of jumpsuits and Littlewoods have brilliant selection for all shapes and sizes.  How can I pick just one? 

I'm not quite ready to get  my toes out but want to tuck my boots away for another year so I have been finding these two toned shoes a quirky take on ballet shoes a great spring addition. 

Littlewoods have plenty of brands to choose from and you can also pick up some makeup (although its not part of the discount).  Let me know what you pick up. Pin It

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Stila Spring 2015 Its all about the contour and the brows #Stilabombshell #Stilaireland

Sorry for being missing for so long, on Valentines Day I had the cutest baby boy and I have been having grand old sleepless nights and wonderful days snuggling and cuddling him.  Don't worry this is a beauty blog and plans to stay that way.  I thought that it would be quite fitting that my first post back would be about my other baby my "makeup baby" STILA. 

Makeup trends change season to season and this Spring its all about the brows and the contours.  I'm not sure how brands work out whats the hot new thing (do they have a big makeup meeting?  do they vote?) I do love to follow makeup artists on Instragram and you can get a feeling about whats to come by looking at the makeup that's used at Fashion Weeks.  If your interested in Stila makeup I highly recommend you following Sarah Lucero Global Director of Education for Stila and spy on what products she is using backstage and on people like Victoria Beckham. 

Stila Spring 2015 is all about the brows and contour if I am being totally honest with you brows and contour are not makeup trends that rock my boat.  I am 100% positive that we will look back in a couple of years at those really high definition brows/scouse brows and laugh our ass off, they will make 1980ies makeup look amazing.  Brows are the one part of my face that I actually forget to apply...I do the opposite of HD brows I forget I have brows.  As for contour I am all for looking a little more defined but I think that overly contoured Kim Kardashian look is not one that most people will have time for or will be able to pull off every day.  That is a look that is ok if your highly photographed.... not so much for popping down for a pint of milk (in my opinion). I first read about contouring years ago in Kevyn Aucoin's books, so for me they seem right at home in a photo shoot and a skilled artist can change the shape of the face.  The downside to this is unskilled can tend to look a little like a drag queen or dirty on the face. I love makeup but I am not a skilled makeup artist so this is another reason why contouring scares me.

Although these are trends I am not crazy about I love Stila's take on them.  Stila have created products that scream Stila's ethos of enhancing your natural look, however you can also amp these products up if you like a bolder look.
Stila's Contour product is called Shape & Shade Custom Contour Duo*.  It comes in 3 shades and I have the shade Light.  As the name suggests its a contour duo, so it has a dark shade and a light shade.  Shape and shade is a cream to powder product making it very easy to blend.  Its a very very pigmented product, almost scarily pigmented.  Tthe first time I used it I lashed a good amount of product under my cheek bones using the whole Custom Contour Brush (more on the brush later)  BIG MISTAKE.  I looked like Frank n Furter from Rocky Horror.  As the product is so pigmented you only need a tiny amount.  Be not afraid it might be so pigmented its a bit scary but fortunately it blends out like a dream.

I have started to use the very edge of the Custom Contour Brush to apply some of the darker shade under my razor sharp cheek bones ... I am of course kidding because I have the cheeks of a chipmunk which I suppose is why people contour in the first place.  I also use some of the darker shade around my forehead and blend out with the Custom Contour Brush.  The lighter shade is a true contour shade its not a glittery highlighter (although I am partial to a glittery highlighter although with my laughter lines I should probably start to avoid them).  If your a bit confused about what your shape is or how to contour Stila have included a guide in the packaging if you prefer some step by step help check out Stila's Youtube chanel.

 When you look at the Stila videos you can see that they use just a small amount of product and gently use it to create a very subtle and soft contour (much more my kinda style) but if your into the Kim Kardashian look you can also use Shape and Shade to achieve that look.  The product really does blend out to create a soft and natural look (if that's the look your after) and I have used it on a bare face (with no foundation) and it looked wonderfully natural.  Above you can see a swatch of the product and below you can see how its blended out.  I know a lot of people will be really excited to have a lighter contour shade which is not shimmery. 
 I use a small amount of the product under my chipmunk cheeks and a small amount around my forehead and blend blend blend.
 As you can see it leave a very natural look to the face (again if you want to go mad contouring you can). The shades give a natural warmth to the face.  The product is cream to powder so its easy to apply and blend but is long lasting.

This kinda looks like I photo shopped my face (I promise I didn't, honestly I wouldn't know how) I like this soft look, its not the high definition contouring but a soft warm look to the face.  It doesnt cling or lodge in pores. I find powder contours can make the face look a bit dirty or muddy looking but Shape and Shade makes it easy for me to blend and control.
 Stila Shape and Shade costs €41.00 and is available from Harvey Nicks Dublin, Sam McCauleys Fairgreen Carlow,  Sam McCauleys Redmond Square Wexford,  Sam McCauleys Tralee Manor West Shopping Centre,  Cara Pharmacy Quayside Shopping Centre Sligo,  Marks & Spencer Mary St Dublin and of course Stila.co.uk.

I am a little obsessed with makeup brushes - specifically face brushes - so I was very excited to see the Custom Contour Brush* €43.00, this double ended brush is perfect for contouring and blending out face products. Stila brushes are great quality, I have some that are 15 years old and still going strong.  This is a new design with a metallic handle.  I know this is going to sound weird but this brush makes me want to contour just so I can use the brush.  It works perfectly with Shape and Shade but also with other products. 

 The larger side is slim enough to carve out cheek bones and fluffy enough to buff out any mistakes, the smaller side is perfect for smaller concentrated work and I have used it to blend out concealer.  I am in love.

 To tie in with brow mania Stila have launched 3 brow products Stila Stay All Day Brow Gel and Brush (5 shades €37), Stila Stay all day Precision Glide Brown Pencil (5 shades €21.50) and Stila Stay all day Waterproof Brow Colour (3 shades €21.50).  I think the important thing to note is all these products are STAY ALL DAY.  No matter what kind of brows you want (soft and natural or full on Scouse) its important they stay where they are supposed to.
  Stay all day Waterproof Brow Colour* (I have the shade medium) defines and creates brows, the applicator looks like a marker but is actually a brush.  This helps create the look of actual eyebrow hairs and also happens to be one of Sarah Lucero's favourite products.
  The tiny hairs help to create brows that look like brows and not 2 caterpillars across your forehead.
 You can build up the colour and start of quite soft (don't be freaked out by me comparing the nib to a marker).
I have quite naturally defined brows which helps because I tend to forget to use any brow products. My brows are also slightly darker than my own dark blond hair but I have noticed some very blond hairs (THEY ARE NOT GRAY, I REPEAT THEY ARE NOT GRAY, THEY ARE JUST VERY VERY VERY BLOND.  OK).  I have been using the Stay All day Precision Glide Brown Pencil* in
Medium Brown.
 This is a skinny little double ended pencil which I use to brush and shape my brow hairs and fill in.  The inside of my brows is a little sparser than the tail so I concentrate on there.  I brush my brows with the spoolie, fill in and then brush to blend.  Simples.  Again I go for the natural look.  
I prefer the more natural Cara than full on Grouch look so I take it easy with my brows.  As you can see below I gently fill in the brows because I think they should be something that frames the face rather than the first thing you see.  I find I feel slightly more groomed when I use the brow pencil, the brush controls my Wolverine brows and the pencil part fills in any bald/sparce spots.

 I think I create a soft and natural contour and brow look with these products - I know people like a more defined look and they do allow you to use both the soft and full on approach.  (I would say if your looking for "full on" brows give Stila Stay All Day Brow Gel and Brush a go.)

Stila my makeup baby is available from Harvey Nicks Dublin, Sam McCauleys Fairgreen Carlow,  Sam McCauleys Redmond Square Wexford,  Sam McCauleys Tralee Manor West Shopping Centre,  Cara Pharmacy Quayside Shopping Centre Sligo,  Marks & Spencer Mary St Dublin and Stila.co.uk.

Stila Spring is all about perfecting your face shape and brow shape, personally I am always more excited by colour makeup.  Stila have a amazingly bright and colourful Summer collection heading our way soon (it looks like it was created for me).  Stay tuned. 
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