Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Urban Decay - Moondust Shadows (Ether and Solstice) and Sheer Revolution Lipstick (Ladyflower)

Its been quite some time since I bought anything from Urban Decay which is funny cause its one of those brands I have a long history with.  I was all on board until about the Naked 2 palette and then in my opinion they went a little Naked too far.  

I remember buying my first Urban Decay products about 15 years ago (I am a very old woman)  I was going into town to visit a museum (see I can be cultured) and I had to stop off and have a look at the new Urban Decay counter (diluted culture).  The counter was in BT2 in Grafton Street and I bought 2 eye shadows and a lip gloss - which were called Lip Gunk and they smelled amazing.  Urban Decay were the first and only brand at the time that embraced colour wholeheartedly, no wishy washy pastels for Urban Decay BOOM full on pigmented colour like you have never seen before.  So I arrived at the museum all ready for culture with 2 purple eye shadows and a hot pink (of course) glittery lip gunk in the shade Big Bang (I went through a few of them in my day).  So I have been a longtime fan of Urban Decay, the fact that they get to bring their dogs to work is reason alone to love them.

Roll on 15 years or so and I am overdue my baby and I decide a makeup treat is in order.  What do new mothers buy? Sensible stuff right?  Wrong I bought two freaking amazing glittery duo chrome pots of glory.  Urban Decay had a number of moondust shadows out (in different packaging - oh look here is one of our posts from 2010 eek  -here-) and this Spring they have added 4 new shades.  
I love a bit of purple Urban Decay eye shadow so I had to pick up Ether (light purple with pink blue 3 D sparkle and shift) but while I was there Solstice (metallic pink-red with green 3D Sparkle and Shift) jumped out at me and refused to let me leave it in the shop.

Ether is my sensible (ahem) option its a truly beautiful dark purple.  Nobody does purple like Urban Decay.   You can wear these shadows with a very light wash of colour or really pack them on.  When I am going for my grown up glitter look I will use a light wash which makes the lids almost sparkle.   As these are glittery and sparkly and basically like pixi dust you need to pat or push these shadows on either with a brush or your finger or you will get fallout.  If you want a deeper effect use a wet brush and again push the moondust on your lid.  I have been using them over a primer or cream shadow which intensifies the look.  

You can use the shadows dry (below left) or with a damp brush or finger (below right) for a more intense look.
 Solstice was just too pretty for me to leave behind and although the description sounds a bit nuts (metallic pink-red with green 3D Sparkle and Shift) a light wash is really pretty on the eyes and a deeper application really enhances the colour of my eyes.  
  Below left is a dry swatch and below right is a wet swatch.

To be honest with you no swatches in the world are going to do these shadows justice (especially Solstice) you really have to go in and swatch them and look at them in all their glory.  They are gloriously fun and pretty shadows.  

Moondust shadows are out now and cost €18.50

I couldn't really walk away from the counter without looking at the lip products after all lips are my thing.  I hadn't managed to pick up any of the Revolution Lipsticks which is a little crazy cause some of those shades are screaming my name.  New to the counter were the Sheer Revolution lipsticks (€20) which as the name suggests are sheerer than the Revolution lipsticks (but still pretty pigmented) and are filled with nourishing ingredients to hydrate and make your lips look and feel fantastic.  Basically they are like a coloured lip balm on steroids.  I decided to go with the shade Ladyflower - mostly it has to be said cause it made me giggle and there is nothing funnier than an overdue preggers lady asking for a lipstick in the shade Ladyflower (yes I am a 12 year old trapped in the body of an old lady).  

The packaging of the Sheer Revolution Lipsticks are just stunning, they are housed in a purple metallic bullet which is both chic and edgy.

The name says sheer but you get really good colour pay off.  Ladyflower is a pretty rose pink shade, while I would consider it a "sensible" shade they would be a great way to dip your toe in bold colour.  The lipsticks feel brilliant on your lips, very moisturising.  They are filled with nourishing ingredients like Shea butter and jojoba, olive oil and some antioxidants thrown in for good measure.  They don't last all day (nothing that nourishing does) but as they are quite the joy to apply its not something I mind.

This little spree has gotten me excited about Urban Decay.  I had thought I was getting to old for their products (pift) but they really do have shades and textures for all ages (OK perhaps not purple glittery eyeshadow but I hope when I am 80 Ill be rocking some sparkles).  I have been trying out the Urban Decay Naked Complete Coverage Concealer and I have been loving it so I am quite excited to see how their skin products preform because Urban Decay are not a brand I think of when I am thinking about foundations.    

Urban Decay can be found at House of Fraser and Debenhams.
Have you tried any Urban Decay lately? 
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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Benefit Roller Lash

Benefit are well known for their downright adorable packaging but you could be forgiven in thinking that they are all show and no substance.  They're Real is Ireland's best selling mascara and for a reason they make lashes look incredible.  Whenever I see my friends wearing it their lashes look amazing and they do make you ask "Are they real?".  Unfortunately for me I have desperate lashes.  My eyes are quite small and my lashes are short so their real with its big wand (why is it so hard to talk about mascaras without descending into innuendo?) are not a match made in heaven.  I just cant use it.  Since I have about 5 eye lashes and They're Real is notoriously difficult to remove (Benefit released a specific makeup remover just for the mascara) my precious few lashes want to stay attached to my face.  If you have used They're Real and LOVE it you will forgive it for the fact its difficult to remove and continue with you life and your impressive swooshy lashes.  Unfortunately for us smaller eyed girls with very short lashes needed a a little lash magic and Benefit kindly created Roller Lash*.
Firstly how could I not insert this picture of a dog at a beauty salon (this is reason alone to love Benefit).  Having the best selling mascara on the market would make most brands sit on their mascara laurels but not Benefit.  Benefit knew that They're Real is not for everybody and every lash so lets make another amazing mascara.  

They're Real added length like nobodies business but Roller Lash works on the curl.  When you curl your lashes it immediately opens up your eyes (that's why makeup artists are always telling us to curl our lashes).  Benefit used the technology of the little old Nana's hair rollers as inspiration for Roller Lash.  The wand (which is pink under the mascara) has little hooks that grab each lash curling and adding product.  Grabbing lashes sounds terrifying and scary and plastic wands usually scare me a little bit too (I imagine they are going to scrape my eyeball) but Roller Lash is easy to use.  The wand is also one of those two sided fandangos which usually frighten the life out of me but it makes my lashes look fantastic with very little effort.
Initially I thought this is not the mascara for me, after all I have a curl in my lashes I NEED EVERYTHING ELSE, I need length and volume.  My eyes are so small that fake lashes tend to be too big for my eyes even the short length individual lashes reach for my eyebrows.  The wand works perfectly with my small eyes and manages to grab every tiny little lash.  It evens out the curl in my mascara and keeps the lashes lifted all day.  As it coats and lifts every lash it immediately makes my lashes look longer and fuller and opens up my eyes. 
Benefit Roller Lash's cute packaging - my only let down of the product is the pink handle could get a bit grubby if you carry your mascara around in your makeup bag.  This is me kinda forcing a complaint about the product. 

My tiny little eyes are a bit of a mascara conundrum, the first time I use ANY mascara it ends up on my lid (like a messed up eye liner) I have to get used to the wand and how to use it (again mascara innuendo) Roller Lash is one of the only mascaras I have used that this hasn't happened. 

As you can see from my before picture my lashes are very short and sad, one side has a curl but they are not even.  They need help but a lot of mascara wands are the size of my eyeballs.
After my lashes are perfectly coated even the small ones (which are basically invisible) I have added length and volume.  I also love that I can apply another coat of this mascara later in the day without clumping.

I give Benefit Roller Lash a big thumbs up.  Well done Benefit why have just the best selling mascara on the market when you can DOMINATE the Mascara market.

Benefit Roller Lash is out now and costs €26.00.
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