Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Benefit Full Color - They're Real Mascara and Push Up Liner

Oh Benefit you are a cheeky brand which have such a big place in my heart.  Benefit are one of those brands that have phenomenal packaging but they definitely don't depend on pretty packaging, whats on the inside really counts and Benefit prove it.  Benefit are a brand that could be written off as a young persons brand (the packaging, the cheeky names) but the brand has been around since the 70ies and I happen to know an 80 year old who is a huge fan of Gimme Brow (is an excellent product for those with sparse and gray brows).  They're Real Mascara is Ireland's best selling mascara, so how do you improve on perfection?  Difficult but not impossible.... create a range of colours. 

They're Real is Ireland's favourite mascara for a reason - it creates long, dramatic lashes, you might not ask your friend "Are they Real?" but you will definitely ask them "What Mascara are you Using?". 
I was a little nervous when I heard Benefit would be launching coloured mascara.  You hear coloured mascara and you think 1980ies madness but Benefit are a clever bunch.
Beyond Brown* - oh brown mascara, your the sensible shoes of the makeup word.  Nobody really wants to admit wearing them but everybody has to at some stage.  Brown Mascara like sensible shoes just doesn't sound sexy, but a girl cant survive on "fu*k me" shoes.  There is something very wearable and flattering about Beyond Brown especially to lighter haired gals.  It has all the lengthing punch of they're real but is softer, natural and flattering.  I find it much easier to make the most out of They're Real Beyond Brown than the classic black, I don't have many lashes so black can be a little harsh looking on my small eyes.  My eyes have been loving Beyond Brown, the colour is natural and flattering but with all the lenght we love from They're Real.
Beyond Blue* is exactly that BLUE.  Have you ever tried a coloured mascara only for a slight amount to come off on the tips of your very disappointing.  Beyond Blue is a powerful mascara which cotes the lashes in a bright blue shade. If your thinking blue is a little scary lets remember that blue whitens white so Beyond Blue makes the whites of your eyes gleam.  If your slightly intimidated by using such a bright colour you can mix Beyond Blue with They're Real black to create a navy shade which is more wearable to most people while still brightening your eyes. 

They're Real Push Up Liner takes the hassle out of lining the lids.  It is like using a pen on your lid which you lean against your lashes to create a perfect line.  Its quite easy to use but does require you to practice.  If you cant line your eyes They're Real is not going to magically fix that.   Remember to simply follow the lash line.  Benefit's makeup artist recommended to me to take your time and work in sections, even the pros don't line the lids in one simple swoop (we have all watched too many You Tube Videos which make us think we all should be a Pixiwoo sister).  

Push Up Liners have a small stopper I would recommend keeping these (this can get a little messy after a few uses) as it will prevent the product from drying out.  When you first use the liner you need to click up the product.  I also recommend clicking and wiping when you go to use the liner again - its a gel liner and gel can dry out so giving a quick wipe clean will ensure fresh product and help you create a better line.  Whats great about They're Real liner is you need one click of product per eye.  Like any liner there are some days I use it and create a perfect line and there are others when I make a complete balls of it.  I try and keep my line close to the eye and as I have quite small eyes I cant do a cat flick (it gets hidden by my eye lid). 

The Shades (Beyond Brown, Beyond Blue, Beyond Purple, Beyond Green) are classy and classic jewel toned which look very natural against the eye, enhancing rather than overpowering the eyes natural colour.  I haven't included pictures of the liner on my eyes - as I said I have small eyes so it was quite hard to make out each of the colours.  The liners naturally enhance the eyes without shouting "Oi look I'm GREEN EYELINER, GREEN EYELINER this one thinks she is down with the kids wearing her GREEN EYELINER".  The colours simply enhance the eyes and your eye colour, the brown being a classic and again less harsh than the original black.
I have done big swatches to get an idea of the colour.

You can create a fine, delicate line or a thicker dramatic line.  Remember to try and get as close to the lashes as possible which will create a larger eye.  They're Real also can help you easily create a dramatic cat eye. 

They're Real Mascara costs €26 and They're Real Push Up Liner costs €25.

I would also like to say a massive thank you to Benefit who earlier in the Summer got a bunch of Beauty Bloggers off their Booty to take part in the Colour Run in the Phenoix Park in aid of the Irish Cancer Society. 

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  1. I just wanna put my hand up and say "I straight-up LOVE brown mascara". Cos brown eyebrows and thick heavy black lashes looks a bit odd on me...

  2. The colours look fab! I wrote a review of the liner awhile ago, I didn't get on with it at all sadly.
    Found it a very dry thick texture, hard to spread out on the eyelids without it dragging


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