Friday, August 21, 2015

Rimmel Nude Collection by Kate Moss

I have to hold my hands up I'm not one of those girls who obsess over Kate Moss and what she is wearing.  Mostly cause I'm curvy and she is slim and I know I cant pull off the clothes she does.  Kate undoubtedly has amazing style and is the setter of countless trends.

Kate's latest collection for Rimmel is the Nude Collection*.  I not generally a fan of nude lip products but I am absolutely loving these two shades that Kate has created with Rimmel.  Kate is the queen of the sexy smoky eye and nothing complements that better than a nude lip. 

 A lot of nude lipsticks can be a little too "nude" and quite difficult to pick one to compliment your skin tone.  The two shades of Lasting Finish created by Kate with Rimmel are universally flattering. 

  The shade 43 is a classic nude shade - almost skin colour- instead of it washing out my face like a lot of nudes do this looks lovely.  The shade 45 is a pinker mauve nude and again universally flattering.  I really like Rimmel lipsticks they are moisturising on the lips and feel a lot more expensive than they are.  There is a scent of sweet sweets from the lipstick, some people might find this scent a little too much (I have one friend who will only wear unscented lip products) but I find I only notice it when I apply the lipstick.

 To the left No 43 and to the right No 45.

 In addition to the lipsticks Rimmel have launched Lasting Finish Nude Foundation which is a long lasting foundation with a lightweight feel.  I have to be honest I am really impressed with this foundation.  It has beautiful coverage and doesn't feel heavy on the skin, doesn't cake after a long day and stays looking beautiful.  Rimmel why didn't you tell me you made AWESOME foundations.  I am usually strictly high end with my foundations but I am very impressed with Lasting Finish Nude and have been using it all the time.

 Nude Collection No 43

 No 43.
No 45

 Kate and Rimmel have created a cracking duo of nude lipsticks (each cost €6.99) and the Lasting Finish Nude Foundation (€10.29) is a real discovery to me.  For me the absolute star of the show and a product that I cant recommend enough is the lipstick in the shade 45.  It is such a flattering shade and I have had so many complements when wearing it.  I was asked by 2 different beauty lovers who know their makeup (one another blogger) what lipstick was I wearing and both asked me if it was Charlotte Tilbury. This is very interesting, as you probably know Kate Moss and Charlotte Tilbury have been friends for over 20 years and Charlotte does Kate's makeup a lot of the time.  Kate is a muse for Charlotte (Charlotte has even created a lipstick for Kate and named it after her).   It makes total sense that a lipstick created by Kate (who inspires Charlotte) would resemble a Charlotte Tilbury lipstick and in my opinion the Rimmel offering is a lot creamier and feels nicer on the lips that Charlotte Tilburys lipsticks (controversial I know).  If your looking to purchase a Charlotte Tilbury lipstick save yourself a small fortune and pick up Rimmel No 45.

My advice would be to pick up Lasting Finish Lipstick shade 45 - you will not regret it. 

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