Sunday, November 29, 2015

Debenhams Beauty Gala

Debenhams have been really spoiling us lately in the beauty stakes, not only have they given us access to brands like Too Faced and The Balm they have been very generous with the 10% off beauty promotions.  I will hold my hands straight up and say I have taken advantage of this big time (I got the Urban Decay Vice 4 Palette and Urban Decay Lipstick and OK if you twist my arm I picked up a Urban Decay Lip Liner).

On the 3rd of December Debenhams are holding a Beauty Gala in all of their stores.  The Gala (sounds so fancy) will have free mini makeover, beauty samples exclusive gifts with purchase and a chance to win a hamper of beauty goodies.  Tickets are €5.00 (redeemable against purchase so basically free).  

The 3rd of December also just happens to be the day the Gwen Stefani for Urban Decay palette is released (take a deep breath).  You know its a good product when the girls at the counter are doubly excited and all have their names down on the list for a palette.  The girls at Urban Decay Henry Street were using the €5.00 for your ticket to the Beauty Gala to hold a palette for you.  I expect the Gwen palette to be sold out quickly because the colours are perfect for Irish Skin (can you tell I'm excited).  

Would I sound like a total makeup nerd to say I am going to be at Debenhams first thing on Thursday morning? 

Can I give a massive shout out to the wonderful staff at the Urban Decay counters, I was at two counters last week - cause ahem I am a makeup freak- and they couldn't be more helpful or enthusiastic. 
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Friday, November 20, 2015

Rimmel The Only 1 Lipstick - You're All Mine

Rimmel are fast becoming my favourite Drugstore/Budget Brand.  I am a convert to their foundations and the Lasting Finish Lipstick in the shade 45 (read about it here) has been one of my favourite lipsticks this year.  When I wear it I am always asked what is the lipstick and often I am asked "Is that a Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick?".  Rimmel's Lip Liner in East end Snob is one of my favourites and in pride of place beside Charlote Tilbury Pillow Talk.  

Rimmel have recently released a new range of lipsticks called The Only 1 - because they will be the only lipstick you will ever need.
Rimmel have created beautiful packaging to go with this beautiful lipstick - it looks like a high end lipstick bullet. Simple and sleek.
I have the shade You're All Mine 120* which is for me a pretty everyday pink. 
These lipsticks are really clever, they are very pigmented and feel deliciously smooth on the lips.  They give the comfort of a lip balm (without the fear of the colour sliding off your lips) with the full impact colour of a lipstick.  The bullet is shaped for easy application. All this for €8.99 Bargain.  The Lipstick does have a sweet scent (like sweets) as all Rimmel Lipsticks which you might not like if you hate fragranced products,  I find it just makes me want to eat sweets.  There is a massive 15 shades to pick from (I think a red is next for me).  The Only 1 is a delightful lipstick to wear.

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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Current Favourite Face Products - Urban Decay, Rimmel, Vita Liberata, Stila and Becca

As a beauty lover I am always flitting between products and trying new things and of course there are stand out products that I reach for more than most, so here are my Current Favourite Face Products. Face products are a little more personal than eye shadow or lipstick because they depend on skin type and preferences for coverage.  I love quite a natural glowy look, I don't like my face caked in heavy makeup but I do have a bit of redness on my cheeks, around my nose and on my chin so I need for that to be covered.
Stila One Step Correct (€26.00) is my primer of choice and as you can see there is not much left in this one.  One Step is a lightweight primer with 3 different colours (green to neutralise redness, lavender to counteract sallow tones and brighten the skin, peach to brighten and illuminate).  I love Stila's foundations and this primer is soothing and brightening on the skin.  I find it helps with light redness (like the cheeks) but I am currently having what I would refer to as nuclear redness on my chin and it doesn't cover or minimise that.   If I was having a good skin day I would wear One Step and a BB Cream.

Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation (€34.00) WOW I honestly never thought I would be saying that a brand that delivers such in your face cosmetics would release such a beautiful and natural looking foundation.  I picked up a sample of Naked Skin (my new rule is to always get a sample of expensive foundation before I buy because I have so many foundations in the wrong shades) after trying a ton of those dropper type foundations that have recently launched.  After trying it I immediately went back and bought it.  The foundation is lightweight on the skin but has beautiful coverage which you can build.  The foundation is full of ingredients which feed the skin including anti aging properties (us original Urban Decay fans are getting older).  Naked Skin is my go to foundation.  I love how it looks and feels on the skin.  My only downside to Naked Skin -its not really a downside I just thought I would mention it - is the smell, the foundation is fragrance free but it has a bit of a chemically scent.  This doesn't annoy me as it goes immediately after you apply it and honestly I prefer it than some heavily fragranced foundations.  Naked Skin leaves my skin looking radiant and natural. Its me but with better skin.

Rimmel Match Perfection (€9.99) If your looking for a more affordable foundation option Rimmel have been really impressing me lately.  Match Perfection is another glowy foundation at a fantastic price.  I have been using this every other day, and while I do prefer Urban Decay this is a brilliant alternative. 

Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer (€22.00)* This has been a complete lifesaver for me over the past couple of months, it has made me look human and considering I haven't slept properly since 2014 that's a mighty accomplishment.  It truly is a weightless concealer (which contains all those helpful ingredients the foundation does including the anti ageing one).  I love that I can whip this on and it covers the dark circles while not gathering in lines or my newly developed eye crepes. Naked Concealer comes in an impressive range of shades and has a good selections of light ones which will be fantastic for Irish complexions.  I have quite a light shade which really brightens under my eyes but doesn't look too stark.  I love Naked Concealer so much I panic if I cant find it in the morning.

Urban Decay Naked Skin Ultra Definition Loose Finishing Powder (€30.00) I had been using an Hourglass ambiant lighting powder and the Nars Light Reflecting Setting Powder - I am not sure which is to blame - but I noticed in some pictures I had a white powdery puff under my eyes.  I looked like one of those "What not to do" makeup pictures.   I had heard wonderful things about the Urban Decay powder from Karen (Lovely Girlie Bits) who raves about this powder.  It is an incredibly finely milled powder, I cant explain how fine the powder is (you have to go into the shop and feel it - its incredible).  The powder blurs any imperfections and sets your makeup perfectly.  I love the look of glowy skin but due to the redness on my chin I need to set my foundation.  I thought a loose powder would be incredibly messy but you only need a tiny amount of this powder and cleverly only a small amount comes out.  I am tempted to use a lot of this purely because it feels so lovely.  The fact that I am using 3 Urban Decay skin products says a lot about how impressed I am with the Naked Skin range.  

Vita Liberata Trystal™ Minerals (€39.95)* The worlds first self tanning bronzer.  Some people are a little confused by this product but basically its a bronzer which leaves a gentle glow on your skin.  Use it on top of your foundation (I think "self tanning bronzer" gives some people the idea they should apply it before foundation) as you would any bronzer and your left with a beautiful bronze look.  Its a beautiful shade for Irish skin and very natural looking.  I don't see that a mega bronzed tan develops in the days afterwards but I do look very healthy.  There is no faux tan smell with the bronzer (thank god).  Its a finely milled loose powder and by some miracle I don't make a mess.  It is an expensive bronzer but I only need a small amount of product, the bronzer comes with a kabuki brush which is fantastic quality (I have been know to use it to apply my Naked Powder) and if you consider a lot of face brushes cost €30.00 and more this is a good deal.  I have a lot of bronzers (A SHAMEFUL AMOUNT) but Vita Liberata has been the one I reach for, if anybody told me I would have TWO loose powders on rotation I would have laughed.  Miracle of Miracles (of just really well developed products dispensers) I haven't made a mess yet.

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Champagne Pop Sorry for including this Sephora exclusive (I was lucky enough to have my cousin pick this up for me but you could use Parcel Motel).  I love a highlighter, in my heart of heart I know I am supposed to have skin as glowing and as radiant as JLO (which is why I opt for glowing foundations) and Champagne Pop is a beautiful highlighter.  I thought that in the pan it looked like The Balm Mary Lou-Manizer but its different and golden.  With a light hand this can look subtle but who am I kidding I want to be seen from Mars.
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Monday, November 16, 2015

Urban Decay Matte Revolution - Temper

You know you have an special affinity with a makeup brand when you remember the first product you bought.  Urban Decay and me go back a LONG LONG way, back to when their counter was in BT2 Grafton Street (I have said this before but I AM AN OLD LADY) and my first purchase was a gift set of 8 mini Lip Gunks.  We have both come a long way since then.

Urban Decay's latest lip release are their Matte Revolution Lipsticks* - I have dry lips so me and matte lipsticks are like awkward family get together (we are together because we have to be but neither of us are happy about it).  When I first swiped Urban Decay's Matte offering on my lips I had to go back and re-read the packaging because I couldn't believe it was a matte lipstick.  
 I always apply a lip balm to my lips when I am doing my makeup to prep my desert dry lips so I thought it must have been the balm.  The next day I applied the lipstick no balm no prep and it was soft and buttery on the lips.  It should be called "I cant believe its a Matte its so fecking buttery" but that might have some copyright infringements.
 As you would expect from Urban Decay the lipstick has bold colour on one swipe.

The lipstick is so comfortable on the lips and that is due to it being chock full of lovely oils and ingredients.  Matte revolutions lipsticks are easy to apply, a dream to wear and are long lasting.

The shade Temper is such a kick ass shade, there is something about red lipstick that makes you feel glamours and ladylike.  Temper makes me feel glamours, ladylike but also a bit of a badass.

Urban Decay Matte Revolution Lipsticks (€19.00) come in 11 shades and are available from House of Frasier and Debenhams.  My only question is... Which one will I get next?
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Friday, November 13, 2015

Oasis AW 2015

Audrey Hepburn had her own classic style and I have Oasis.  Oasis is my favourite shop and it has been for years.  If you ask me what I am wearing its usually almost head to toe in Oasis.  Every season Oasis is my go to shop and I have been known to browse online a number of times a day (obsessively).  One of the things that I love about Oasis is they take current trends (for instance this seasons 70ies obsession) and they make the trend a classic.  If you buy a "trend" piece from Oasis its not going to look dated by the end of the season, the quality of the clothes mean you will have the pieces for years to come.

This Autumn/Winter Oasis have taken on a nostalgic vibe with the theme of the collection being "Welcome to my Hometown".  There are some statement pieces like this Mongolian fur trimmed coat which can be styled (with flares) for full on 70ies nostalgia or toned down for a chic modern look.
A denim dress is a classic wardrobe staple (and Oasis make excellent denim, their jeans are amazing and a staple in my wardrobe).

The festive season is arriving in Oasis and that means plenty of sparkle.  Oasis know how to make a sparkly number and you would have this beautiful gray sequin dress in your wardrobe for years.  The long sleeves cover bingo wings and the v neck makes it exceptionally flattering.  If your like me and the cold makes the idea of going out in a dress a NO GO Oasis are brilliant for sparkly tops that can dress up a pair of jeans in a second.  This tends to be my go to festive look.

Gray is a colour that sounds drab and boring but this look is so chic and classic, the short sleeve coat with slouch boots look expensive and classy.  I have quite a big collection of Oasis coats they make Olivia Pope style coats at an affordable price.  I know you can buy "on trend" boots in Penneys for €20 but your feet feel it.  Oasis boots are so comfortable I can happily wear them all day and they are such good quality you can whip they out season after season. 
This leather mac is so beautiful I love it because it reminds me of a coat my mam is pictured in back in the 70ies.  I have a vintage style brown leather jacket from Oasis from a couple of winters ago and the leather is so beautiful it wears so well.
I was delighted to attend the Autumn Winter preview to see all the goodies and as usual I didn't leave Stephens Green without making a purchase I picked up a Gray Fur Gilet and a pair of fringe boots which I have been living in. 
The staff in Oasis are always lovely especially the girls working in Stephens Green Branch they are so friendly and always look so stylish I have been know to spot something on a staff member and trawl the rails looking for what they are wearing. 

So if I had to pick one shop to wear for the rest of my life (man I will make a stylish old lady) without doubts it would be Oasis.  Oasis clothes go from a size 8 to a size 16 (although some styles go to an 18 online) and I do find that depending on the style and cut some of their dresses don't fit me (I am a size 14 - 16 but a fuller 16 after having the baby) especially across the chest so I tend to go for separates.

So my top tip for Oasis Autumn Winter is to head to their coats and boots and you will find you wont be able to stop there. 

Man I love Oasis.
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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Debenhams Beauty

We all know Debenhams have an amazing beauty hall, I can spend hours there but for the most part I am usually captivated by the classic brands... A pearl of Chanel, a smidge of Estee Lauder, a particle of Clinique A WHOLE TON OF PURPLE AMAZING URBAN DECAY.  Yeah that's right I spend a whole lot of my time at Urban Decay, well its a fantastic brand that deserves a whole lot of love.  I was kind of amazed and very excited to learn that Debenhams have been hiding some very exciting brands which I have only really had the opportunity to buy when I was in America.

Cargo Cosmetics - not that well known over here but they have an amazing range of High Definition makeup as well as waterproof blushes and fantastic eyeshadow palettes.

The Balm - AHHH from the very famous and highly respected Meet Matt Palette to basically the best highlighter out there Mary Lou- Manizer The Balm have you covered. They have a rather amazingly named palette called "Balm-Jovi" basically that's reason alone to love the brand that bring you highly pigmented imaginative products.  We have been able to purchase The Balm online in Ireland but now we can swatch and play with a real life The Balm counter in Debenhams Henry Street, Blanchardstown and Limerick.  I am planning a visit to town based purely on this (and the next brand). 

Too Faced -AHHH  I am so excited about this can you believe it TOO FACED in Debenhams, they have the cutest packaging, an amazing (if rudely named and I'm not sure if they are doing it right) mascara.  Last Christmas (sing it with me) I found some Too Faced Christmas gift sets in Debenhams Belfast and I bought one of each (one for me, one for a friend.... and on and on).  They were so beautiful, the theme, the packaging.  I hit the jackpot.   I was so delighted to find a mini Too Faced stand in Debenhams Tallaght and I have been told there is a stand in Henry street.  This years Christmas gifts are so cute and adorable and are bringing out all the greed that is in my body. 
I love to shop in Debenhams because I use my reward card and then I get money off MORE MAKEUP WOO HOO.  Debenhams are currently running their Winter Spectacular event which means 25% off most of the shop and 10% off beauty and fragrances (including Christmas gifts) its a fantastic time to stock up on Christmas gifts.  My finger is itching to purchase.
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Monday, November 9, 2015

Stila Eternally Yours Liquid Lipstick Set - Christmas 2015

After my recent trip to Harvey Nichols Dundrum I had a dream that the world was being invaded by Zombies and I was racing to the Stila counter to save it from the Zombies.  Perhaps that is what happens when your swatching lipsticks while watching "The Walking Dead".  When I heard the new Christmas Collection was in stock I was dying to see it in the flesh and I did a happy dance when a late night trip to the cinema revealed that Harvey Nicks had started their Christmas shopping hours.  It was meant to be.  What a beautiful collection.  I spied with my little eye the Eternally Yours Liquid Lipstick Set and declared to my friends that "the baby wants to buy it for me".  Honestly I didn't expect them to laugh right in my face....usually they play along.  They know not to come between me and my Stila so I danced out of the shop with a purchase.

Eternally Yours Liquid Lipstick Set has 6 mini Stay All Day Liquid Lipsticks featuring 2 new shades (Aria and Chianti).
From left to right
Caramello, Patina, Aria, Como, Chianti, Fiery

I love that the set allows you to try 6 different shades for less than the price of 2 full size products, shades that I wouldn't normally try. Each mini is 1.5ML and a full size has 3ml (full size cost €21.50) so the set has the same amount of product as 3 full size Liquid Lipsticks.

I love Stay All Day Liquid Lipsticks because you can wear them all day (drink, eat, kiss) and they don't move.  I love to smother the baby with kisses (as a thank you for such a wonderful present and also because he is so cute) and if I'm wearing a regular lipstick that could get a little messy.   With any long wear lip product always make sure your lips are in good condition.  I always ALWAYS use Stila Lush Lips Water Plumping Primer when I am using Stay All Day Lipsticks, it smooths and conditions my lips giving an even surface to apply the lipstick.

Lets look at these bad boys on the lips
First up is the shade Caramello a very nude shade.  Its not a shade I would generally wear (that's why I love sets like this) but it magically doesn't wash me out.  If your a fan of nude lips you will love Caramello.

Patina is a shade that is ALWAYS sold out and with good reason its an extremely flattering and wearable shade and one that should be in every ones makeup bag.  I had been dying to try Patina for ages so I am delighted.

Aria is a more intense but still universally flattering shade.  More Oomph than Patina but still a classic shade.

Como was the only shade from the Summer Collection I don't own so was thrilled to see it in the set, personally I think one of the pink shades from the Summer Collection (Amalfi or Bella) would have made a better choice for the set and would have made a more cohesive set of lipsticks.  Como is a bright shade of purple and I can honestly say I have nothing like it.

Chianti - is a deep deep shade which drew criticism from the peanut gallery (himself says "I though Halloween was last week") its definitely a very bold and vampy colour. 

Fiery - a bright fire red.  One of my favourites and one of the baby's favourites too (he couldn't keep his hands off my mouth).  Its bright vibrant and a true classic red.

I am delighted the baby bought me the Eternally Yours set (play along OK) he is so thoughtful to pick out such an amazing set. 

The Eternally Yours set cost €41 in Harvey Nicks but I notice that you can pre order some Stila Christmas Sets from Cara Pharmacy and the Eternally Yours set costs €36.50 (have a look at the selection here).  I'm not sure if Harvey Nicks have some of the items priced wrong? but its worth having a look at Cara Pharmacy and Sam McCauleys.
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Friday, November 6, 2015

Glossybox for Nars

Makeup Obsession can be expensive so its wildly exciting when a beauty box teams up with one of the most prestigious makeup brands to curate a flipping amazing box filled with their must have products.

This November (read that in the movie trailer guys voice) Glossybox have joined forces with Nars (yes NARS - lets clap our hands wildly in excitement) to create a box which contains (deluxe sample size) of their most loved and award winning products.

I really like Nars products, they are a brand that is the perfect mix of fashion, makeup artist, trend and fun.  

So what do you get in the box? 

The Multiple in Orgasm (a classic must have)
Audacious Mascara (Nars Newly released mascara)
Via Veneto Eyeliner (classic black eyeliner)
Blush in Orgasm (often copied never equalled, more awards than you can shake a stick at)
Satin Lip Pencil in Rikugien (impossible to pronounce but possibly a perfect suits everybody shade)
If your interested in trying out some Nars products this Glossybox is a brilliant way to try them.  The box costs €40 (plus postage) and you can order it from 16th November 2015 from but hurry when they are gone... sad face. Pin It

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Littlewoods - Our Top Picks

I have an 8 month old baby who enjoys two things, ripping up the smyths catalogue (thats Christmas sorted) and the Littlewoods ad on TV.  I am not sure if its the music, the lovely ladies or the fantastic fashion but everytime he hears "You've got the Love" and sees the ladies sashaying accross the TV he stops what he is doing looks at the TV and kicks like mad.  

Littlewoods is generally not my first stop when it comes to shopping but recently I have discovered that they have a few of their "Own" brands which are fairly fantastic.  I have been loving the Myleene Klass and Rochelle Humes ranges for Littlewoods which is funny because if I am being honest I never noticed either for their fashion.  Both the ranges are fun and on trend and they get extra points for having a great range of sizes (from size 8 - 20).   Littlewoods offer free deliver AND RETURNS.  This is so important with online shopping, if something doesn't fit or looks different you can return for free.

One of the cutest things I have seen from Myleene's range (she has a wide range which in addition to clothes includes underwear and makeup) is the Myleene Klass Lip Jumper* (currently €37.00).  This comfortable and cute jumper is adorable - one of the lips has sequins on it.  Sile recently got this and every time she has worn it she has received so many compliments. People want (need) to know where she got it.  Its cute but not too cute or childish.  Its simple and easy to wear and I am thinking I'm going to have to pick it up myself.

I decided I would join the cool kids and Rochelle Humes Faux Fur Gilet* (currently €75.00).  The quality is just lovely, it looks simple yet dressy.  The faux fur is a lovely quality which doesn't add bulk to the frame.
Littlewoods have a massive range of brands and products (including lots of makeup) including some high street favourites like Oasis and Lipsy as well as their own brands.  I think their own brands have some lovely pieces that your not going to see on every second person.   I am very tempted to pick up some of the under ware from Myleene's range (some of it is a little "Hello Sailor" but a lot has unusual designs).  

Littlewoods always have some kind of promotion or special discount code so be sure to keep an eye out. Have you picked up anything recently from Littlewoods? Pin It

Monday, November 2, 2015

Stila Christmas 2015 Sending you Love - Sealed with a Kiss

Is it wrong that every Christmas when I see Stila's gift sets I start frantically thinking of reasons I should treat myself.  One year I did all of Paul's present shopping (buying a lot off Stila for his sister and sister in law) and I deserved a treat for that.  Last year I was preggers so all rules out the window.  This year Stila's Christmas sets look so amazing I don't need an excuse (although I think the baby really wants to buy me something...just cause).

There are six sets in total and I don't quite know which one I want more - I think I'm going to need them all.   The palettes have a theme of old fashioned love letters letters (which is a nice follow up on the La Quill Liner brush) everybody loves to receive letters in the post (except bills) and its so rare these days.  First up is Trust in Love (€38.00) the packaging of which looks like a letter complete with a wax seal.  The set contains 12 of Stila's buttery eye shadows which look to be mostly wearable shades with a pop of jewel colour here and there, one of Stila's famous Lipglaze and a deluxe sample of Huge Extreme Mascara (which I love).

If your a makeup lover you really need to check out the Sending My Love set. The set looks like letter writing set but when you open it instead of finding pens and paper you find an eyeshadow palette with 5 shadows (3 neutral shades and 2 pops of colour), a face palette containing a blush, contour and highlighter, a smudge stick liner (love these they are brilliant for tight lining) and a mini lip glaze.  Basically you have everything to create a perfect face all for €49.00.

Sealed With A Kiss (in keeping with the letter theme) contains 6 (deluxe size) Stila's award winning Lip Glazes.  You can never go wrong with a Lip Glaze its a classic lip gloss the scent of the lip gloss matches the shades (Pomegranate Sparkle, Ruby Grapefruit, Raspberry, Mandarin Light, Papaya Pizaz, Peach).  The set costs €36.50.                        

I have spoken about my love for the Huge Extreme Lash Mascara and the Lash Stunner Lash Primer (read about them here), they are a fantastic duo and the Huger Than Huge Set is perfect way to trial these bad boys without forking out full price.  The set contains a deluxe size primer and mascara for €19.00.

I am a sucker for a lip product, especially a bold lip product and Stila's Stay All Day Liquid Lipsticks are my favourite long lasting lipstick (they really do last all day but as with all long lasting lip colour have your lips prepped and in tip top condition).   The set Eternally Yours has 6 deluxe size Stay All Day Lipsticks for €30.00.  The shades (Caramello, Patina, Aria, Como, Chianti, Fiery) range from nude to bright and contain 2 new shades as well as the cult shade Patina (which is always Sold Out). 

If you would prefer to dip your toe into Stay All Day Liquid Lipsticks (although I think your going to need both sets) you could pick up the Eternal Love (€22.50) set which contains three shades (Ricco, Beso, Baci) two of which are exclusive and will not be released until next year.

Stila Christmas (or Mags Heaven as I like to call it) hits the shops on the 1st November and is available from, Sam McCauleys Chemists, Harvey Nichols Dundrum AND Arnotts Department Store (how exciting is that?).  I have heard from my sources that the collection looks even more beautiful in the flesh, I cant wait to check it out and Ill let you what I pick up.
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