Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Current Favourite Face Products - Urban Decay, Rimmel, Vita Liberata, Stila and Becca

As a beauty lover I am always flitting between products and trying new things and of course there are stand out products that I reach for more than most, so here are my Current Favourite Face Products. Face products are a little more personal than eye shadow or lipstick because they depend on skin type and preferences for coverage.  I love quite a natural glowy look, I don't like my face caked in heavy makeup but I do have a bit of redness on my cheeks, around my nose and on my chin so I need for that to be covered.
Stila One Step Correct (€26.00) is my primer of choice and as you can see there is not much left in this one.  One Step is a lightweight primer with 3 different colours (green to neutralise redness, lavender to counteract sallow tones and brighten the skin, peach to brighten and illuminate).  I love Stila's foundations and this primer is soothing and brightening on the skin.  I find it helps with light redness (like the cheeks) but I am currently having what I would refer to as nuclear redness on my chin and it doesn't cover or minimise that.   If I was having a good skin day I would wear One Step and a BB Cream.

Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation (€34.00) WOW I honestly never thought I would be saying that a brand that delivers such in your face cosmetics would release such a beautiful and natural looking foundation.  I picked up a sample of Naked Skin (my new rule is to always get a sample of expensive foundation before I buy because I have so many foundations in the wrong shades) after trying a ton of those dropper type foundations that have recently launched.  After trying it I immediately went back and bought it.  The foundation is lightweight on the skin but has beautiful coverage which you can build.  The foundation is full of ingredients which feed the skin including anti aging properties (us original Urban Decay fans are getting older).  Naked Skin is my go to foundation.  I love how it looks and feels on the skin.  My only downside to Naked Skin -its not really a downside I just thought I would mention it - is the smell, the foundation is fragrance free but it has a bit of a chemically scent.  This doesn't annoy me as it goes immediately after you apply it and honestly I prefer it than some heavily fragranced foundations.  Naked Skin leaves my skin looking radiant and natural. Its me but with better skin.

Rimmel Match Perfection (€9.99) If your looking for a more affordable foundation option Rimmel have been really impressing me lately.  Match Perfection is another glowy foundation at a fantastic price.  I have been using this every other day, and while I do prefer Urban Decay this is a brilliant alternative. 

Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer (€22.00)* This has been a complete lifesaver for me over the past couple of months, it has made me look human and considering I haven't slept properly since 2014 that's a mighty accomplishment.  It truly is a weightless concealer (which contains all those helpful ingredients the foundation does including the anti ageing one).  I love that I can whip this on and it covers the dark circles while not gathering in lines or my newly developed eye crepes. Naked Concealer comes in an impressive range of shades and has a good selections of light ones which will be fantastic for Irish complexions.  I have quite a light shade which really brightens under my eyes but doesn't look too stark.  I love Naked Concealer so much I panic if I cant find it in the morning.

Urban Decay Naked Skin Ultra Definition Loose Finishing Powder (€30.00) I had been using an Hourglass ambiant lighting powder and the Nars Light Reflecting Setting Powder - I am not sure which is to blame - but I noticed in some pictures I had a white powdery puff under my eyes.  I looked like one of those "What not to do" makeup pictures.   I had heard wonderful things about the Urban Decay powder from Karen (Lovely Girlie Bits) who raves about this powder.  It is an incredibly finely milled powder, I cant explain how fine the powder is (you have to go into the shop and feel it - its incredible).  The powder blurs any imperfections and sets your makeup perfectly.  I love the look of glowy skin but due to the redness on my chin I need to set my foundation.  I thought a loose powder would be incredibly messy but you only need a tiny amount of this powder and cleverly only a small amount comes out.  I am tempted to use a lot of this purely because it feels so lovely.  The fact that I am using 3 Urban Decay skin products says a lot about how impressed I am with the Naked Skin range.  

Vita Liberata Trystal™ Minerals (€39.95)* The worlds first self tanning bronzer.  Some people are a little confused by this product but basically its a bronzer which leaves a gentle glow on your skin.  Use it on top of your foundation (I think "self tanning bronzer" gives some people the idea they should apply it before foundation) as you would any bronzer and your left with a beautiful bronze look.  Its a beautiful shade for Irish skin and very natural looking.  I don't see that a mega bronzed tan develops in the days afterwards but I do look very healthy.  There is no faux tan smell with the bronzer (thank god).  Its a finely milled loose powder and by some miracle I don't make a mess.  It is an expensive bronzer but I only need a small amount of product, the bronzer comes with a kabuki brush which is fantastic quality (I have been know to use it to apply my Naked Powder) and if you consider a lot of face brushes cost €30.00 and more this is a good deal.  I have a lot of bronzers (A SHAMEFUL AMOUNT) but Vita Liberata has been the one I reach for, if anybody told me I would have TWO loose powders on rotation I would have laughed.  Miracle of Miracles (of just really well developed products dispensers) I haven't made a mess yet.

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Champagne Pop Sorry for including this Sephora exclusive (I was lucky enough to have my cousin pick this up for me but you could use Parcel Motel).  I love a highlighter, in my heart of heart I know I am supposed to have skin as glowing and as radiant as JLO (which is why I opt for glowing foundations) and Champagne Pop is a beautiful highlighter.  I thought that in the pan it looked like The Balm Mary Lou-Manizer but its different and golden.  With a light hand this can look subtle but who am I kidding I want to be seen from Mars.
What face products have you been using and loving ? Pin It

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