Monday, November 9, 2015

Stila Eternally Yours Liquid Lipstick Set - Christmas 2015

After my recent trip to Harvey Nichols Dundrum I had a dream that the world was being invaded by Zombies and I was racing to the Stila counter to save it from the Zombies.  Perhaps that is what happens when your swatching lipsticks while watching "The Walking Dead".  When I heard the new Christmas Collection was in stock I was dying to see it in the flesh and I did a happy dance when a late night trip to the cinema revealed that Harvey Nicks had started their Christmas shopping hours.  It was meant to be.  What a beautiful collection.  I spied with my little eye the Eternally Yours Liquid Lipstick Set and declared to my friends that "the baby wants to buy it for me".  Honestly I didn't expect them to laugh right in my face....usually they play along.  They know not to come between me and my Stila so I danced out of the shop with a purchase.

Eternally Yours Liquid Lipstick Set has 6 mini Stay All Day Liquid Lipsticks featuring 2 new shades (Aria and Chianti).
From left to right
Caramello, Patina, Aria, Como, Chianti, Fiery

I love that the set allows you to try 6 different shades for less than the price of 2 full size products, shades that I wouldn't normally try. Each mini is 1.5ML and a full size has 3ml (full size cost €21.50) so the set has the same amount of product as 3 full size Liquid Lipsticks.

I love Stay All Day Liquid Lipsticks because you can wear them all day (drink, eat, kiss) and they don't move.  I love to smother the baby with kisses (as a thank you for such a wonderful present and also because he is so cute) and if I'm wearing a regular lipstick that could get a little messy.   With any long wear lip product always make sure your lips are in good condition.  I always ALWAYS use Stila Lush Lips Water Plumping Primer when I am using Stay All Day Lipsticks, it smooths and conditions my lips giving an even surface to apply the lipstick.

Lets look at these bad boys on the lips
First up is the shade Caramello a very nude shade.  Its not a shade I would generally wear (that's why I love sets like this) but it magically doesn't wash me out.  If your a fan of nude lips you will love Caramello.

Patina is a shade that is ALWAYS sold out and with good reason its an extremely flattering and wearable shade and one that should be in every ones makeup bag.  I had been dying to try Patina for ages so I am delighted.

Aria is a more intense but still universally flattering shade.  More Oomph than Patina but still a classic shade.

Como was the only shade from the Summer Collection I don't own so was thrilled to see it in the set, personally I think one of the pink shades from the Summer Collection (Amalfi or Bella) would have made a better choice for the set and would have made a more cohesive set of lipsticks.  Como is a bright shade of purple and I can honestly say I have nothing like it.

Chianti - is a deep deep shade which drew criticism from the peanut gallery (himself says "I though Halloween was last week") its definitely a very bold and vampy colour. 

Fiery - a bright fire red.  One of my favourites and one of the baby's favourites too (he couldn't keep his hands off my mouth).  Its bright vibrant and a true classic red.

I am delighted the baby bought me the Eternally Yours set (play along OK) he is so thoughtful to pick out such an amazing set. 

The Eternally Yours set cost €41 in Harvey Nicks but I notice that you can pre order some Stila Christmas Sets from Cara Pharmacy and the Eternally Yours set costs €36.50 (have a look at the selection here).  I'm not sure if Harvey Nicks have some of the items priced wrong? but its worth having a look at Cara Pharmacy and Sam McCauleys.
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  1. Oh my! This set is so pretty. It has lovely colors that I think its something worth checking out.


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