Monday, January 26, 2015

Katy Perry Spring Reign

Katy Perry Spring Reign*:  If you told me there was such thing as a "young" floral fragrance I would probably laugh at you.  Truth be known I am not generally a fan of floral fragrances they are not the kind of scent that I am attracted too, added to the fact that floral fragrances then to smell more mature COUNT ME OUT.

I love Katy Perry (in my mind we would be great friends) her fragrances tend to smell a little different than other celebrity fragrances (I find a lot of celebrity fragrances are excessivly sweet and tend to start to smell the same) so I was excited to see a new spring fragrance called Spring Reign.  This new fragrance which is launching in February (a perfect Valentine gift) screams girly and floral the moment you see the box which is pretty and feminine.

You can tell immediately from the pink box and pretty floral pattern that your going to have a feminine and floral fragrance.  The bottle is the same design as Katy's other fragrances with the fragrance itself being pink.  Feminine to the max.

Top Notes: Pink Freesia, Violet Petals, Cassis Buds
Middle Notes: Natural Davana, Gardenia, May Flower Rose
Bottom Notes: Cedarwood Oil, Cashmeran

As you can see from the notes there is a whole lot of floral going on, instead of having a heavy older floral scent the mix is youthful and fresh.  The middle note of the fragrance is held together with the herb Davana which is said to smell differently on everybody.  Spring Reign really surprised me, I was initially drawn in by the pretty packaging (I am a sucker like that) but I really like this unusual youthful floral fragrance.  Spring Reign is a pretty addition to your fragrance wardrobe and being 30mls is easy to pop in your handbag, its not a long lasting fragrance (I don't think there is a celebrity fragrance that is long lasting) but definitely work having a sniff of. I have been wearing Spring Reign for the past couple of weeks what can I say its making me embrace the floral.

Katy Perry Spring Reign will be available from February and 30ml costs €19.95.

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