Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Clarins Garden Escape Spring 2015

I for one am always very excited at the prospect of Spring and Summer, as much as I like red lipstick I love the bright lightness that Spring promises.  Spring Collections are of course brighter and fresher and I love fresh glowing makeup.  Garden Escape* is Clarins Spring Collection for 2015 and its incredibly pretty. 

Lets begin with the centre of the Garden Escape Collection which is the very pretty 6 Colour Eye Palette ( €41).  Clarins Collections usually have an eyeshadow quad so its really nice to see them step away from their standard offering and bring us a really pretty palette.  The outside of the palette is beautiful but its the inside which really stands out. 

The six shadows are a beautiful mix from a pale iridescent white, moving along to garden greens, a peach and pink and finishing off with a perfect brown/taupe shade.  Clarins eye palettes usually comprise very classic neutral shades so this burst of wearable colour is a great surprise.  In addition to this the shadows can be worn wet or dry so you can intensify any look you create.  When I was shown this palette the white shade was used as an overall face highlighter in addition to being an eyeshadow.  Personally I try to stay away from the pink/peach shade because I have very tired eyes at the moment.  I love the brown/taupe shade - proof that Clarins do classic makeup like nobody else. 
I think these shades create a beautiful soft look for the eyes, almost a watercolour wash over the eyes (which of course you could intensify if you were to use the shadows wet).  The palette is really the centerpiece of the collection and I love that Clarins have changed things up a little for spring.
I just had to show you the brown/taupe shade a little closer - its so pretty.

Next up is Blush Prodige: €33 in the shade 08 Sweet Rose - Clarins couldn't have come up with a more accurate name for this blush, the combination of the main shade which you can mix with the smaller lighter pink creates a soft natural flush on the cheeks (as I mentioned you can use the white shadow from the Garden Escape eye shadow palette to highlight the cheek bones).  The look of the collection is soft and pretty and the blush is no different.  I tend to gravitate towards peachy blushes as I have some red in my cheeks, but this creates a beautiful soft pretty flush.

To complement the Garden Escape eye shadow palette the collection has Crayon Khôl Eye Pencil: €18 in the shade 09 Intense Green.  Again its a bit of a move away from the norm for Clarins as the liner is a green shade.  Honestly I am not a big fan of Clarins Eye Pencils and although this is a pretty shade its one of my least favourite products from the collection. 

I tend to be all about the lips (all about the lips) and I have a very special place in my heart for Clarins lip products.  Clarins Lip products feel FANTASTIC on the lips, they also happen to smell delicious so I am always excited to see what they have on offer.  This spring the lip offerings from Clarins are enough to make any makeup junkie very giddy indeed.   There are three different lip products on offer the lipstick Joli Rouge – Brilliant Sheer Shine Lipstick: €21.50,  A lip oil Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil: €19 and finally a coloured lip balm Instant Light Lip Balm Protector: €19.00.

I have Joli Rouge – Brilliant Sheer Shine Lipstick in the shade 22 Coral Dahlia which is a stunning sheer (but not wimpy sheer) moisturising, make your lips feel great lipstick.  I have a little habit of smelling my Clarins Lipsticks before applying them because they smell like sweets mmm delicious.  Coral Dahlia will fit perfectly into the sheer watercolor look the Garden Escape Collection evokes and will happily carry you through Summer. 

Everybody was going absolutely BONKERS about the Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil (shown here in the Limited Edition Shade Raspberry) is a cross between a lip gloss and a lip treatment.  It looks like it should be sticky (like putting Raspberry Jam on your lips) but its not, instead its moisturising and plumbing and makes you rub your lips together in delight.  The applicator looks like a platypus tail.  This oil/gel/treatment makes your lips feel fantastic.

Last for lips is the Instant Light Lip Balm Perfector in the shade 06 Rosewood (there are six shades altogether).  I AM OBSESSED.  Its a weird obsession for me because I generally like a more obnoxious shade lip than this and I usually like fuller coverage but this product has blown me away.  I have pretty dry lips and the combination mango, shea and vitamin E leave my lips looking and feeling amazing.  This little beauty has taken up permanent residence in my handbag which is quite a feat considering I had a bit of a resolution to only carry the lip product I am using that day (that is after changing handbags and realizing I was carrying around 14 -FOURTEEN- lip products.  So I carry around my lip of the day and my Rosewood Lip Balm.  Rosewood is a colour I would have initially disregarded but I urge you to check it out, its naturally pretty and I cant oversell how amazing these make my lips feel.


The Garden Escape Collection launched on counters on 19th January and my first choice from the collection would be the Instant Light Lip Balm Perfector followed by the Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil and the Garden Escape Eye Shadow palette. 
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