Friday, February 6, 2015

Bourjois Eye Shadow Quads

Bourjois are without doubt my favourite brand from the chemist/drugstore, they never let me down and always have something new to look forward too.  Bourjois celebrated 150 years last year so all that expertise is easily seen in their products.  Bourjois are one of the only brands that hold their own against higher end companies. 
Today we are talking about their new (ish) (sorry for the delay in writing about these) eye shadow quads.  There are 8 quads to choose from (I have 4 to show you today) and each quad costs €10.49.  The quads contain 3 shadows and one shimmer/glitter/pop shade.  The shadows themselves are cream to powder bases so they apply really smoothly with beautiful colour.  These quads have the perfect colour combinations to make the perfect eye look, you can leave out the pop/glitter shade or apply it to amp up your look.  I would recommend applying the pop/glitter shade with a finger and as its quite sparkly don't go too bonkers - if you over apply you will get fall out, if you stay classy you will look like perfection.  Its impossible to talk about an eye shadow quad which has a pop of glitter/shimmer without comparing them to Charlotte Tilbury eye shadow quads.  I adore the Charlotte Tilbury quads but at €50 they are definitely a luxury purchase.  You could pick up 5 of the Bourjois quads for more or less the same price.  The shade selection in each Bourjois quad make them very user friendly.
As the shadows are cream to powder you can easily apply them with your fingers for a no fuss easy look.  I recently went away for a week and the only eye makeup I took with me was the Upside Brown quad.  It was eye shadow perfection. 

As you can see the packaging is slightly curved and the colour of the packaging is similar to that in the quad making it perfect for easy storage. 

Lets look at the colours - I have swatched each of these lightly, you can apply them with either a light wash or with more intensity.  First up is Upside Brown.

Light touch is a perfect brown

Ocean Obsession - I love to use the darkest shade as a liner over a neutral eye.

The last shade I have is Rock This Khaki

Remember I have swatched these very lightly so you can see what a wash of colour looks like but you can also get a much more intense look from the shades.  I can always rely on Bourjois for exciting new products. 
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