Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Clarins Summer 2015 - Aquatic Treasures Summer Bronzing Compact.

Its June outside - no seriously.  June and November haven't switched around in some kind of freaky Friday swap.  ITS JUNE.  ITS COLD but its Ireland so we are used to this kinda wacky lack of sunshine.  Chances are we will get scurvy quicker than a natural glowing tan in Ireland but that's where Summer makeup comes in.  I LOVE summer makeup collections.  Its the most wonderful time of the year (I know that's a Christmas thing but seriously there have been hail stones so if the weather wants to be weird so can I).   Clarins summer collections are always exciting and this year is no different.

This summer Clarins collection is called Aquatic Treasures and its beautiful and also quite simple and not overloaded with products.  Sometimes we can be a bit overwhelmed by a makeup collection and the whole vibe of Aquatic Treasures is bronzed glowing skin with a pop of teal (aquatic duh) on the eyes.  Its simple, its tropical and its glamorous.
The stand out product every year of Clarins Summer collection is the bronzing compact* (this year the eye liner also looks like an amazing colour but I am not a huge fan of Clarins eye liners).  The bronzer costs €38.00 and is fairly massive, it will last you a LONG TIME.

The packaging is beautiful - its simple and classic in an amber shade that has "I'm about to have a classy summer" written all over it.

As you can see the bronzer is pretty much the size of the palm of my hand - huge.

The bronzer consists of 4 shades of brown starting with a light shade and move round clockwise to darker shades.  This allows you to use all the shades together or each individual shade.  Since it is the beginning of summer I have been using the top 2 shades (the lightest) blended together to create a gentle bronzed look.  I have also been using these shades above my eye lid crease to bring the shades into my eye look (mostly its cause I'm pretending I am a makeup artist and this is something I have seen makeup artists do).  This is not really just a bronzer, this bronzer is a collection of bronzers.  They are Matt shades but they don't leave the skin looking flat or more importantly they don't leave the face looking dirty like some bronzers can (admittedly that might be my slap dash application). 

Its a beautifully pigmented bronzer without being overpoweringly so.  You know how some bronzers can pick up too much product and you end up looking like a tropical version of Adam Ant?  (Is that reference too old?  for you young folk he had stripes on his face) this gives just the right amount of product.  I have been using this bronzer for a few weeks now and I can still see the design in the powder (it will last forever). 

I have to admit I love bronzers and this one is particularly lovely and easy to apply.  For now I will stick with the lighter shades on my face and since the compact is so big I wont feel guilty about using the darker shades on my chest and shoulders. What are you looking forward to from summer makeup? 
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